The Last Will and Testament of Richard Mallett Esq, 1552

Richard Malet / Mallett Esquire

Of Corypole

(1523 – 1552)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed



[10 Powell.] July 25th, 5 Ed. VI. Richard Mallctt of Corypole co. Somerset, esquier. Concerning my manors of Sherehampton and Lawresweston in the county of Gloucester, my lands in Henbury, Westbury, Almesbury, and Fillton in the same county, my manor of Dewdofi co. Devon, my manors of Oke, Lydearde Powncherden, Charlynche and Corseley co. Somerset, and my lands in Postridgc in the parish of Ayshole and in Borchippull in the parish of Kyngsbury co. Somerset now in the occupation of William Hodges and Agnes Lye, as also my manor of Wraxhall co. Wilts, I will that Elizabeth Mallet my wife, Dame Margaret Luttrell widow. Sir John Wyndham knight, Richard Rogers, Thomas Luttrell, John Payne, Barthilmew Combe and Robert May, Esquiers, shall yearly receive, after my decease, all the rents of all the said manors and lands and therewith shall pay these bequests : To every of my household servants one year’s wages. To the poor people of Taunton ;^io, of Bridgwater ;^io, and of the parishes of Enmore and Chirlynche ;^io. To each of my children ;^400 for their marriages. To my sister Mary Mallet lOO marks of my mother’s gift and 300 marks for her marriage. To my sister Johane ;^8o. And if any of my children or my sisters Elizabeth (sic) or Mary do not marry by the assent of my wife or executors they shall have but half my bequests above made to them. And after the performance of my will my lands shall remain to my heir. After my decease, Elizabeth Mallet my wife shall have my mansion house of Coripole with the parke and a water myll and all my manor of Corypole and one house or ferme called Swyngdon with 200 acres of lands thereto belonging in the parish of Charlynche, one close of pasture called Gennells Hooke in the parish of Bridgwater so long as she live sole, paying therefor yearly to my heirs a Redd rose at the feast of the Natyvitie of Saynt John the Baptist, if it be asked. All my goods I bequeath to the said Elizabeth Mallet my wife (executrix), and if she marry again 1 will that she pay immediately to Thomas Mallet my son 400 marks. Overseers: the abovesaid Dame Margarett Luttrell widow, Sir John Wyndham knight, Richard Rogers, Thomas Luttrell, John Payne, Barthilmewe Combe and Robert Maye, Esquiers. Witnesses: John Payne, Barthilmew Combe, esquiers, William Michell, Nicholas Stallynche Myller and others. Proved March 31st, 1552. Quly 2nd, 1584, Commissio emanavit Georgio Speke armigero ad administranda bona dicti defuncti, per dictam Elizabethan! relictam, execu-tricem et matrem dicti Georgii jam defunctam non plene administrata.]


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