The Last Will and Testament of John Lutterell Esq, 1558

John Lutterell Esq

of Dunster

(1492 – 1558)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed



[55 NOODES.] May 23rd, 1558. John Lutterell of Dunster, Esquier. My body to be buried in Our Ladye Chapell in the churche of Dunster. I will that Elisabeth my wife shall distribute among the poor £4.. To the cathedral church of Wells 20flf. To my son George Lutterell the elder £40, 2 kyne and 20 shepe and to my son John Lutterell I do forgeve £40, 2 kyne and 20 sheepe. To George Lutterell the younger my son the same. My said sons to have the said ;£’i20 of my detts whereof the obligations lie in the hands of my cousen Hugh Stewkeley. Further, I will that my forsaid sons shall have between them the obligations that I have upon Sir Thomas Arundell, deceased. To my son Hugh Lutterell my best apparel, 6 oxen, 6 kyen, 50 wethers, 50 ewes, 2 fetherbeds and all my plate after the decease of Elisabeth my wife, on condition that he marry with Margaret Loghore my wife’s daughter ; if he refuse, the said Margaret shall have half my said plate to her preferment in marriage and my said wife the other half. But if my said son Hugh be pleased to marry the said Margaret Loghore and she refuse to marry with him, the said Hugh shall have all my plate and she shall have none. To my forsaid wife the lease that I have upon the Rectories of Dunster, Kilton and parcell of Mynehead and the scite of the Priorye of Dunster with all houses and edifices thereunto belonging during the terme that I have yet to come. To William Cooke a mare and a cow. The residue to Elizabeth my wife (executrix). Witnesses : Sir John Rice, clerk, William Everat, Alexander Veysy, Robert Gooche and Richard Gethin. I will my wife shall discharge John Giles and John William Bassett, gentilman, concerning a Bond of looo marks that they stand bound in with me and fco- me to Sir George Mathue, knight. To the fabric of Dunster church 20s, Proved October 13th, 1558.


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