The Last Will and Testament of Dame Elizabeth Fitz-James, 1546

Dame Elizabeth Fitz-James

Widow of Sir John Fitz-James, Chief Justice of the King’s Bench

Widow of Richard Berkeley, Esquire of Stoke Gifford

(1473 – 1546)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed



[9 Alen.] November 30th, 1545. Dame Elizabeth Fitz-james, widow, late the wife of Sir John Fitz-james, knt., Cheffe Justice of the Kinges Bench. My body to be buried in the parish church of Brewton by my late husband, if I die within 6 miles of Brewton, but if I die in Gloucestershire or within 6 miles of Westbury then my body to be buried in the College of Westbury by my first husband Richard Barckleye, Esquier, but if I die elsewhere, then in the next parish church. To our mother church of Wells, 3^. 4//. To the mother church of the Blissid Trinitye in Bristowe 3^. 4d. To the parish church of Brewton los. To the curatt of Brewton 6s, Sd. To the vicar of Stooke Gifforde 6s. Sd. To the curatt where I depart dr. Sd, To be said for my soul the day of my burial fyve masses of the name of Jhu, fyve of the V woundes, thre of the Blessed Trinity and fyve of the fyve principall feasts of Our Lady, each priest having Sd. Among the poor on the day of my burial in bread 20s. To each of my own children present at my burial or month mynde a black gowne price the yard dr. Sd, and to each of my servants there a black gown price the yerd 3^. 4^. To my son Sir Morice Barckley, knight, two salts with the dolphyn upon them, my two wine pottes of silver with the Dolphyn and the Conysse upon the covers, fyve spones with blue animell upon the knappes, a trussinge bed of yelowe and red sarcenett w^ a bed of downe, a pair of fustiane blankettes w^ a coverlet of verder, being in the chamber called the Lord Lyssle’s chamber and in the ynner chamber belonging to the same, w^ all the stuflT in the utter chamber and the chappell annexed, also a pair of fyne shetes of holland, fyve ells in length and fyve yerdes in bredithe, w^ a paicr of pillowe towes &c. To Richard Barckeley, my sonnets son, when he is 21 years of age, a bason and ewer with the dolphyn and the conysse in the mydes of the bason. To my son-in-law, Wylliam Fraunces a great goblett pownced and my trussinge bed in the porche chamber, a pair of shetes of calacowe, and a pair of pillowe towes. To my son-in-law Gibbes a standing cup To my woman Elizabeth Tracie a fetherbed and such bedding as shalbe at Hewton [sic] at my death in recompense for such things as I had of her at my first coming to Hewton [stc] My farme of Smaldon let to Thorns Harner for the yearly rent of ;£’i3 6s. Sc/. to be retained by my executors to pay my legacies and detts. To my porre servant Giles Welbe ^s, quarterly. My son Morrice Barckeley to have my lease and interest of and in the parsonage of Shipton Montegue the years to come in after my decease for ;£^20 over and above the Kinge’s graces rent or else my executors to sell the said lease ; and my said son to have also all my household stuff at Brewton paying therefor ;£^20, or else my executors to sell the same. My executors to sell all my sheep, cattle, and horses as well rother as every other kind. To my son’s son Richard Barkley all my cattle and household goods in Gloucestershire, which shall remain in the custody of my daughter dame Elizabeth Barkley his mother. I will a priest be founde to say masse in the parish church of Brewton at Our Lady aulter where my husband lieth buried. To my daughter-in-law dame Elizabeth Barkley my best velvet gown. To my daughter-in-law dame Kathcryne Barckleye my second best velvet gown. To my daughter dame Anne Speke my sattyn gown furrid with Ermyn. To my daughter Mary Fraunces my sattyn gown furred with mynckes, a kyrtcll of black sattyn, and my best velvet bonett. To my cosyn Joane Foskewe my gown of black chamblett lyned with frise, and my curtill of taffata. To my woman Elizabeth Marshall my frocke of Russett worsted and my kirtill of Saye. Residue : to my daughter Elizabeth Barkley, wydow, my cosyn Anthony Gilbert, and John Rouse, gentilman, my executors. Overseers: my son Mauryce Barkley, knight, my son-in-law William Fraunces esquier. Also that where I and my cosyn Nicholas Fitz-james were put in trust by one Harman Devyn-shere to have the governance of one Elinor his daughter, I will at her marriage that my executors give her £S. Witnesses: Nycholas Gilberde, gentleman, Sir John Eryngton, curat of Brewton, my gostly father, Sir Richard Bysshopp, and John Bosgrove. Proved May 8th, 1546.


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