The Last Will and Testament of Sir Andrew Luttrell, Knt – 1538

Sir Andrew Luttrell, Knt

Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset

of East Quantoxhead

(1486 – 1538)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed


1538, ANDREW LUTTRELL, KNT. [19 Dyngeley.] April 14th, 1538. Sir Andrewe Luttrell, knight, of the parish of Est Quantock. My body to be buried in the chauncell of Est Quantock before the picture of Our Lady at the northende of the high avvter under the vvalle there provided ; my executrice and overseer to cause a Tombe and a newe vvyndowe to be made there. To the matrike church of Wells 20s, To the church of Est Quantock £^ to bestowe in a chalice. To the high slwter of Est Quantock for forgoten tythings 20s. To the Freres of Bruggevvater to kepe a solempne obite for my soule and the soules of Sir Hugh Luttrell and the Lady Margaret his wife my father and mother and of Hugh Trott one tyme a yere for thre yeres, 20s, a yere. I will a Trentall of masses be done the day of my burial and money distributed among poor men at my burial and twelmonth day. Fyve preests daily for a yere to syng masse with dirige and masse of requiem every Wennysday and Fryday saying De profundis before the first lavatory viva voce, each priest having yearly £6 13J. 4^. with wyne, waxe and singing bred beside vestments and bokes. To the Carterhouse in London 40.f. for two solempne obites with two diriges. To my son John Luttrell all my raiment with my bowes and arrowes. To my servant William Marchaunt £6 13^. 4^. My housholde servants to have 40.^. each and their lyvery with mete and drink for one year if they abide with the Lady Margaret my wife. To my godson Andrewe Marchaunt during his life all the ground called Prestlonde and Hokeway that his father William Marchaunt and Christen his wife now holdeth. To each of my sons, my eldest son excepted, 400 marcs to their marriage when they come to 21 years. To each of my daughters likewise when they come to 18 years of age. The Lady Margaret my wife to be my executrix and to have all my goods, but if she marry, John Wyndam my brother in law, George Wyndam preest and John Luttrell my son to be my executors, and to receive restitution of my wife of all the goods to the use of my children ; my said wife to have no more but her joynture according to the recovery granted by my father Sir Hugh Luttrell, knt. If my G son John disturb any part of my will he shall be excluded from the administration thereof. To my Lord Prevye Seall a silver cup to be good lord unto my lady my wife and my children. Supervisor, John Wyndam the elder esquier my brother-in-law. Witnesses : Sir Robert Mathey curate of Est Quantock, John Wyndam esquier, William Marchaunt. Memorandum : the said sums of 400 marcs bequeathed to my children to be levied of my manor of Mynehede according to an indenture made unto Sir Humfrey Wyngfeld and John Wyndam esquier the elder for the term of 28 years as by the same indenture more at large it may appear. Proved July 13th, 1538.


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