The Last Will and Testament of John Hill of Spaxton, 1434

John Hill

Recorder of Exeter

Justice of the King’s Bench

of Spaxton, Somerset

(1373 – 1434)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed

1434. JOHN HILL. [449 Chichele.] October 21st, 1434. John Hille, of Spaxton, in the county of Somerset. My body to be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Spaxton. To the church of Wells 6s. id. To the parishioners and wardens of the goods of the said church of Spaxton to the aid or sustentation of the new building of the bell tower (campanilis) of Spaxton 10 marks. To the Friars Minors of Bruggewater to pray for my soul 20s. To the Friars of Langley 46s. $d. To the nuns of Soppewyll [Herts.] 10 marks. To John my son and heir a cup de uno ovo called “aGrypesey” with its cover bound with silver and gilt, also a gold ring with a stone in it called ” a dyamount,” that is, the second best of my rings with such stones, also a chalice, viz., the one of lesser value of my two chalices. To the same John half a dozen silver dishes of the least value of all my silver dishes, and three cups of silver with covers. To Thomas my son a ring of gold with a stone fcuflf) $erott. j$$ called ” a diamount,” viz., the one of the least value of my three rings with such stones, a silver cup with gilt cover, on which cup are engraven the names, “Jasper, Melchiser and Balteser.” 1 To Roger my son a silver cup called “The Wassayle,” the second best of my chalices. To Elisabeth my daughter two pair of beads (precum) of gold, viz., of the greatest and least value, and £20 to her marriage. I will that Cecily my wife have the custody of my bequests to my children until they come to a reasonably marriageable age. To Cecily my wife my best ring of gold with ” a diamount,” a small silver gilt cup and all my silver cups not bequethed, with a cup and ewer (lavacrd) of ” Berell,” a spiceplate silver and gilt, a silver chafer, two silver basins (pelves) and ewers, my best gilt chalice, three silver ” crewettis,” a paxbrede silver and gilt, two tall silver candlesticks and three small silver candlesticks. To John Tyttesbury, John Cogan, and John Wolmar, four marks each. To John Pylton my gown of blue colour, furred, and a horse called ” a Gyllyng.” To John Mychell 13^.4^. To John Dey 13^.4^. To John Fyshede 20s. To Joan Dudesham \os. To John Elyot a gown of russet with a hood {capucio) of green colour, a ” dowbelet defensable,” and my small knife (cultelluiri) called ” a wodeknyfe ” with a bow, twenty-four arrows and 40^. To Geoffrey I wen one gown of green furred, one hood of russet, with a bow and 24 arrows. To Henry Caux a hood of scarlet. The residue to Cecily my wife therewith to pay my debts. I make executors the said Cecily my wife, John Stourton of Preston, Edward Cullyford and Walter Portman of Taunton. Proved January 24th, 1434.


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