The Last Will and Testament of Sir John Fitz-James of Redlynch, 1510

Sir John Fitz-James

Of Redlynch

(1436 – 1510)

Source: Medieval Somerset Wills

Published in  1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed


1510. JOHN FITZ-JAMES. [34 Bennett.] October 30th, 1510. John Fitz-James senior of Redlyche. My body to be buried in the nave of the priory church of B.M. of Bruton in co. Somerset in a certain arch on the south side of the holy water stoop there I will that on the day of my burial and on the day of my anniversary my executors distribute among the poorest people as much as they think proper. To each canon there being a priest I2df. and to each canon not a priest &d. if they are willing to be present at my exequies and mass and to pray for my soul. I will that my new missal and my paxbrede of silver be used in the chapel of Redlyche aforesaid in honour of Allmighty God and Mary his mother and of St. Anne and St. Leonard and St. Peter and all the saints in heaven. To the church of St. Andrew of Wells 3s. <\d. To the rector of Yerling-ton for tithes forgotten 3^. 4*/. To the vicar of Yevill for tithes forgotten $s. ^d. To the vicar of Shepton Montague for tithes forgotten is. 4*/. To the rector of Trent for tithes forgotten 3j. 4^. To the vicar of Quenecammell for tithes forgotten 3^. /^d. To the reverend father in Christ and my most dear brother, Lord Richard, Bishop of London one silver vessel partly gilt called ” a spice plate ” begging him to accept so small a thing as a memorial of his poor brother. To Isabel my dear wife one silver basin with its ewer one silver pot which she had from the legacy of Alice her mother, also two silver goblets partly gilt with one cover called ” chased cupp ” one silver goblet with its cover called ” a Rose cupp/’ one silver and gilt goblet with its cover called ” a chased cup,” one cup called ” a goblett,” silver and gilt without a cover lately bought at Bristoll one cup silver and gilt without a cover called “a goblett” and two salts silver and gilt with one cover and those spoons which Alice her mother gave to her and all ” utensils for her body.” To the same Isabel my best bed at Redlyche with all its belongings and the best cover to the same. To the same Isabel four beds for her servants with their matrasses and other belongings and her own bed with sheets, tableclothes and garments which she had from Alice her mother, and all the things which the said Isabel formerly had and bought of William Ays-sheley. To the said Isabel one feather bed which formerly was at Bristoll and also two other feather beds at Redlyche with all their belongings. To John my son and heir one standing cup silver and gilt with its cover which formerly I had of the gift of John Neuborogh my uncle, one cup called ” a goblett,” with a cover of silver and gilt, one cup silver and gilt” flatt and chased ” with a cover, one standing cup silver and gilt with a cover called “a chased cupp,” one silver cupp called “an apetrull,” one standing silver and partly gilt cup with cover two silver and gilt salts with one cover one ” chaffyng Dyshe ” of silver two silver candelsticks with double “snoffer” on^ silver basin and ewer which I had of the gift of the said John Neuborogh and a silver pot. To the said John Fitz-james all my other beds at Redlyche except those previously bequeathed with their belongings. To the same John Fitz-james 20 oxen and 20 cows and all my sheep being at Lyde. To each of my daughters one silver cup called ” a bolle” of which there are six cups. To John Marshall and Joan his wife all my beds at Glastonbury with their belongings. To the said Isabel my wife 10 oxen and 10 cows and all my sheep being at Milton Clivedon. Residue to Richard Bishop of London Isabel my wife and John Fitz-James, my son, and I make them my executors.

Witnesses: Thomas Fitz-James, John Walton, John Tracy, Elizabeth Vowell, Mary Fitz-James and others. Proved December 10th, 1510.


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