The Last Will and Testament of Lady Joan Mohun, 1404

Lady Joan Mohun

Nee; Burghersh

(1324 – 1404)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed



Effigy of Lady Joan Mohun (d.1404), wife of Sir John V de Mohun (c.1320–1375), Canterbury Cathedral, Crypt. On the monument is inscribed in ancient French: Pour dieu priez por l’ame Johane Burwaschs que fut Dame de Mohun[21] (“For God pray for the soul of Joan de Burghersh who was Lady de Mohun”). She sold the reversion of Dunster Castle in 1376

1404. LADY JOAN MOHUN. [218 Arundell I.] October 2nd, 1404. Lady Joan de Moun, of Dounster in a certain mansion called Maysterrmys within the precincts of the church of Canterbury. My body to be buried in the tomb or monument which I have had made at my expense near the image of the Blessed Mary “in crippis” in the church of Canterbury. To the venerable father, my Lord Thomas Arundell, Archbishop of Canterbury, a psalter covered with white. To my Lord the Duke of York, a Legend of the Saints (a beautiful book), and a book with painted pictures. To my daughter, the wife of the said Lord Duke, my blessing and the best ” rubrum ” that I have. To the Countess of Salisbury my daughter a cross which I used to say I liked the best of all, this cross I give to her and a legend of the Saints. To Lady de Spenser the elder my kinswoman a bed of green silk with all the apparel. To the prior of the church of Canterbury an old red hanging with lions and a hanging ” ystayned ” with all the apparel. To Friar John of the order of the Minors my confessor 10 marks. To Friar Henry his comrade 40s. To William Burwaissh my kinsman 10 marks beside his debt. To Robert Welyngton 4 marks besides his debt. To Henry Berwe over and above his debt, 4 marcs. To Philip my clerk 100s. besides his debt To John Ussher for his debts and reward 40s. To John Cocke, for the same, 8 marks. To William Parker, for the same, 6 marks. To John Sumterman and John Gardenere 5 marks each in the same way. To Richard Aulkenton 1 mark. To Margery my maid ;£io. To Katherine my maid 10 marks. To John Welyngton 10 marks. To Agnes my servant 5 marks. To the three poor scolar boys, Robert Payn, John Tewe and ” litel Witt” food and clothing for a year if they wish to remain at Canterbury. I will that 12 poor men be clothed in black at my expense to hold 12 torches on the day of my burial and also that 4 wax tapers weighing 20 lb. burn at the time of my funeral and that whatever is over shall remain to the church of Canterbury. To every poor person coming to my funeral id. To my six women servants all my wearing apparel, on condition that one ‘• mantall” be reserved by my executors for the wife of Sir Thomas Haukewode, knight, and that then Margaret choose the best garment first, Katherine next, Joan third, Agnes my maid fourth, and my servants. I make my executors the Reverend Father and Lord in Christ, Lord Thomas Arundell, Archbishop of Canterbury, praying him specially as he was ever my spiritual father in my lifetime, so to assist me in death, and also Thomas, prior of the church of Canterbury, William Burwaissh and Philip Caxton my clerk, to make an inventory of my goods, pay my debts and dispose the residue for the church of Canterbury. To this testament I have put my seal the day and year abovesaid. Proved October nth and 12th, 1404.


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