The Last Will and Testament of Isabel Fitz-James, Widowe, 1527

Isabel Fitz-James

Widowe, within the diocese of Bath and Wells

(1470 – 1527)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed

1525. ISABEL FITZ-JAMES. [24 Porch.] February 21st, 1526. 1 Isabell FitzJames, widowe, within the diocese of Bath and Wells. My body to be buried in Cristen burial where it shall please God and my frendes. To the mother church of Wells 3^. 4k To the chapell of St. Peter at Redlynch 3^. 4</. To my doughter my lady ffitzjames a gurdell of gold harneysed with golde. To my doughter Elizabeth fitzjames the yonger a gowne of chamlet purfilled with crymson velvet. To 1 MS. 1527, but the codicil is dated 1527, October 4th. 2 K *5° &omertfet Wii\U. my sonne Hugh Mallet of Corripole a goblet gilt beringarmes of the libertts 1 hed. To my godsonne Thomas Mallett a goblet gilt with the armes of the portcullis and the rose, and 6 silver sponys. To my doughter Isabell Mallett a nutt gilt, with a cover to the same, a mary mawdelyn box 2 gilt with a cover to the same. To my sonne Hugh Mallett a fetherbed with a bolster, a paire of blanketts, 4 pillowes of downe, a counterpoynt of Imagery werke, 5 paire of fyne shetes, and 5 paire of yomen shetes, two borde clothes of diaper, a pair of towells of diaper, a doseyn of napkyns of diaper, a long carpett, half a doseyn of quysshons of carpet werk, two long quysshens for the chamber, oon cloth of batkyn and a nother of damaske werk, two coffers of sprewys, two ship coffers. To my doughter Isabell Mallet a blak gowne of chamlet furryd with martryns, my tryangle of golde. To my son Thomas Michell a basyn and an ewer of silver parcell gilt, a stonding goblet with a cover bering armys of the libertts’ hede, 2 fether bedds with two bolsters, 4 downe pillowes marked with A.B., a paire of fustians, a paire of blanketts, two counterpoynts oon with the ymage of Our Lady and the other with diverse ymagery werke, a tabull cloth of diaper 6 yards in length, and 3 yards in brede, another borde cloth of diaper of the same werke, 6 napkins of like werke, 18 diaper napkins, two wasshing towells and a cupbord cloth of diaper, 3 carpetts, a cupborde, a cofir of korvid werk made in Bruton, a coffer of sprewis, a ship coffer stonding by the bedside, 6 quysshens with redde harts hedds, 2 long quysshens for the chamber, one of werke of batkyn and another of damaske werke. To my doughter Joane Michell wife of the said Thomas Michell my gowne of chamlet furryd with shanke, another tawny chamlet gowne purfilled with blak velwet and my best beads with a broche of golde. My will is the residue of all my gownes be distributed amongst my kynnesfolks by the discrecion of my overseer. To Richard my servant a fetherbed whereupon my servants lyeth, a paire of newe blanketts, a paire of shetes, and a coverlet of Northfolk werke and 26s. id. for his hole yeres wages. To my lorde of Bruton a cruett of 1 Leopard. 2 In tne Accounts of the Prioress of St. Mary de Free is the following item, “Paid for the pitaunce atte Mary Mawdelyn tyd two tymes xxij</.” Monast. Angl. Ill, 359. Mcdii s£vi Calendariutu, II, 263. silver and gilt to serve him at his masse. To the prior of Charterhouse I bequeth an ale cup of silver and gilt with a cover to the same. To every chanon of the house of Bruton being priest 2od. at the day of my burying and to every novys &d. I will that my executors fynde and maynteyn a taper of a lb. to brenne at all tymes convenient before the ymage of our blissed lady within the monastery of Bruton and specially at pardon masse tyme so longe as the sum of 20s. in money will endure. I will my said executors geve and distribute to prests and clerks and poor folks the day of my burying and for necessary causes concerning the same busynes and also in the day of my anniversary £40 of lawful money and if any money be left of the said summe in the ende my will is the same to be used for the most welth of my soule by the discrecion of the said executors and overseer. Item, my will is the said executors fynde oon of the chanons of the monastery of Bruton to singe at my later husbonds aulter daily within the s d monastery praying for his soule, my soule and for all my good frendes soules from the day of my obite till the summe of £20 in money be com up, geving away the said chanons every weke I2d. of lawful money of Englonde. Residue : Hugh Mallett and Thomas Michell (executors). Supervisor: my cosyn John Horsey the eldest (to him In witness I have putto my seall. Witnesses : my lord chief Justice Maister John Fitzjames the yonger, Sir Robert Rotherham, Sir William Clement, and many moo. In witness that I knowe this is the verey true will of my said mother-in-lawe I, John ffitzjames the elder, chief Justice of the King’s benche have written this with myn own hande. John Fitzjames senior. CodiciU memorandum. October qth y 1527. I, Isabell Fitzjames, of Bruton, widowe, over and above the said testament ffirst I will that my said testament and last will shall stonde in his full vertue and strength. Furthermore I will that the testor nowe being in the lowe chamber with the hangings aboute shall remayn there as it nowe is. I will that my lord Abbot shal have a vestment of white damaske braunched with golde and crosse of red satyn in the name of my mortuary yf it please my lord Abbot so to accept it. If nay, then I will that my executors shall dispoase the same vestment for the welth of my soule in som other use. I will that Sir William Clement, priest, shal have a counterpoynt of verdor whiche nowe lyeth upon my bedde in the chamber. I will that Sir Robert Rotheram, parishe prest, shal have a counterpoynt of imagery which nowe lyes upon me. My cosyn, Alice Storke, shal have my best bonet and a frontlett of tawny velwet. Joane Compton, doughter to the said Alice, shal have my best worsted kirtell. Grace Dodyngton my seconde best worsted kirtell. My cosyn, Dorathe Grene, a gowne of chamlet with wyde slevys, purfilled with shanks. Annes Kaylway, now my servant, shal have a gowne of blak cloth lyned with bokeram and purfilled with black velwet. Item, a kirtell of blak chamlet that was last made and 26s. $d. over and above hir wages. Maister Doctour Fontdeloroy shal have a spone of silver and gilte. My lord chief Justice shal have a cup of silver and gilt with a cover ordeyned for ale in a token of remembrance. My cosyn Baskitt’s wife shall have a harte of golde which I have used to were aboute my necke. William Clements, scoler at Oxford, shal have a peire of blanketts, a bolster, and 26s. $d. in money to his exhibicion. My scoler, Sir Richard Browne, 6s. 8d. Mawde Mede, my olde servant, a matres, a bolster, and a paire of blanketts. Joan Patche, my servant, two petycots. Residue of all my goods I will shall be sold as it apperith in my testament. Witnesses: My lady Fitzjames, William Grene, Robert Chycke, Sir William Clement, and Sir Robert Rotheram, with divers others. Proved in the cathedral church of St. Paul, London, October 23rd, 1527.


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