The Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Stafford, 1413

Lady Elizabeth Stafford

Widow of Sir John Maltravers of Hooke, Dorset

Wife of Sir Humphrey Stafford

Nee; d’ Aumarle

(1349 – 1413)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed

1405. LADY ELIZABETH STAFFORD. [173 Arundel II.] September i8th, 1405. Elizabeth wife of Humphry Stafford, knight. My body to holy burial in the chapel of S. Andrew near the chapel of the Blessed Mary in the abbey church of Abbotesbury in the inner part of the tomb of John Mautravers, knight, my late lord. To the church of Sarum one gold wedding ring, a small diamond. To Robert Grey 5 marks, a silver cup with the cover. To William Ekerdon, clerk, 100s. a silver cup with a cover, unum mapat, and a book called ” buble.” To William Whityng hermit of Shirburn 20s. To Edmund Elyot of Cheseburgh 5 marks and a cup. To Nicholas Wareyn 13*. 4^. and a quarter of corn. To Margaret wife of John Bicoe a silver cup with the cover. To the church of S. Giles of Stapelford a book called ” Ridelygger. 1 ” To William Prancard rector of the said church for tithes forgotten and to celebrate for my soul and the souls of my ancestors and benefactors one thousand masses, £4 3 s. 4tt. [i f oood.] To the Friars of Dorcestre, Yevelchester, and to the Abbot and Convent of Abbotesbury for the same purpose, £4 3s. 4*/. to each. To the Abbot of Abbotesbury on the day of my burial 40s. To the Abbot of Serne in like manner 20s. To the Abbot of Middleton the same. To the convent of Abbotesbury to be distributed in common amongst them on the day of my burial, 40*. To each poor person coming on the day of my burial at Abbotesbury, id. I will that every tenant and poor person coming on the day of my trental at Houke [Hook, Dors.] be given a repast. To every priest coming thither to my exequies and to the mass on the morrow [ ] 2 with their food. Likewise to every clerk there 6d. with their food. To every poor person coming thither on the same day id. To the sisters of the White Hall of Yevelchester 40s. and 2 quarters of corn. To the nuns of Polslowe 40s. To three chaplains to celebrate, 1 Ledger, a large copy of the Breviary (N.E.D,) 2 Blank in MS, two in the chapel of Houke or in the church of Stapelford and one in the chapel of Kentecombe for a year after my decease for my soul and the souls of my ancestors and benefactors and for the soul of John Matravers knight late my husband, .£15 that is 100s. to each of them. To the chapel of Kent for lands to be ordained ad manum mortuum for the sustentacion of the said chapel, iooj. To the vicar of the church of Poure to say a trental of S. Gregory 6s. $d. To the church of Poure a pair of vestments of silk of white and red colour. To the church of Pourton towards its repair 20s. To the church of Middelchyn-nocke a pair of vestments of the value of 2 marks. To the church of Badecombe the same. To Robert rector of the church of Crowell 6 marks. To Estrill Pourton a gown of russet furred with ” conyng ” and a quarter of wheat. To each of the three then clerks of the chapel 6s. 8d. To Robert Knyght 13 s. 4*/. and a quarter of wheat. To Robert Gylys the miller a cow and a quarter of wheat. To Richard of the kitchin a cow. To Robert of the kitchen a quarter of wheat. To John Bayly cook’s boy of the Idtchen 6s. Sd. To the church of S. Giles of Stapelford abovenamed 5 marcs. I bequeth for my lord John Matravers to make a vestment there, and because the said church has been well adorned by me and others, one missal price 5 marks. To John Hayron 3s. 4*/. and a quarter of wheat. To John Haukyns the same. To Henry Gorewell the same. To Henry Veel 2od. and 4 bushels of wheat. To Henry Carter a quarter of wheat. To John Robyns 20d. and a quarter of wheat. To John ” Couhurd ” 2 bushels of wheat. To Matilda the wife of Henry Carter 3s. <\d. I make my executors Humphry Stafford knight my husband, William Ekerdon clerk, Robert Grey and Edmund Elyot clerk. Written at Houke the day and year abovesaid and signed with my seal. And afterwards the said Elisabeth on Sunday the feast of S. Calixtus 1413 by means of a codicil bequeathed certain goods as follows. To Elizabeth wife of Humphry Stafford my daughter a gown of scarlet furred with menever, a hood of scarlet and a mantell furred with grey. To Humphrey and Elisabeth his wife my daughter 12 dishes and 6 saucers of silver. To Katherine Cobham wife of Humphry Stafford a cup silver and gilt. To Margaret Beer a gown of ” sangweyn.” To Juliana Hillary a gown of violet. To Alice my chambermaid a 2 R gown of blue. To the son of James Amarle a gown of green. To Master John Stafford 100s. To John Grey a cup of silver. To Robert Elwyll 40s. To the two boys of the chapel that they may stay at school for two years at the end of which I bequeath to each of them 20s. To every monk of Abbotesbury having the orders of a priest 6s. 8d To the Abbot there 20s. and to every monk not a priest 40*/. To Richard Hyde 10 marks. To the man (homini) of Stickelane 2ar. To Thomas Estcourt in a year’s time 40s. yearly during his life for his maintenance. I make my executors as above. Written at Repen the day and year abovesaid. Proved November 29th, 1413.


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