The Last Will and Testament of Ela, Lady St. Maur, 1410

Ela, Lady St. Maur

(alias; Ela Seymour)

Nee; St. LO

(1357 – 1410)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed


1409. ELA, LADY ST. MAUR. [43 Arundel II.] November 28th, 1409. Ela, Lady de Saint Maur. My body to be buried in the new chapel of the priory of Staverdall, viz., next the body of Sir Richard de Saint Maur, knight, my husband. To discreet and suitable priests to celebrate 4,000 masses for my soul and for the souls of all the faithful deceased within one month after my death ;£i6 13^. 4//., so that 1,000 be said “de die? 1,000 ” de Sancto Spiritu? 1,000 “de Sancta Maria? and 1,000 for the faithful deceased that is, requiem eternam, and in every of these masses I will there be said the prayer “Deus qui es nostra Redempcio cum Secretis etpost coin.” To Sir John Bearc, chaplain, to celebrate for my soul a Gregory trental for one year after my death, 10 marks. To be distributed among forty priests 100s., and among my poor tenants 60s. To Oliver, Prior of Staverdall for tithes of his church ill-paid, £20, and to every canon there celebrating for my soul 6s. 8d. To Nicholas de St. Maur my son £20. To John my son, a pair of beads of ” coraal” with gauds of gold (ingaugeat cum auro\ a ring with a diamond and a silver bowl with the cover. To John Beare, chaplain, 100s. To John Boof, junior, 100* To John Worth $s. To Thomas Lovell 100^. To Richard Norexo icos. To Joan his wife 40s. To William Tyndynhull 40s. To Nicholas Mew 40s. To the fabric of the nave of the church of Wynkaulton 10 marks. The residue of my goods not bequeathed, viz., blada in terra crescentia to be exposed for sale by my executors to faithfully pay my debts. And if the residue will not suffice therefor I will a portion be deducted from each of my bequests to satisfy every creditor. I make John de St. Maur my son, John Worth, John Beare, chaplain, and John Boof [or Beef], junior, my executors. In witness whereof I have set my seal. Proved March 15th, 1409. [The Inq. p.m. of Richard de St. Maur, chevalier, is dated 2 Henry IV.]


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