The Last Will and Testamemt of Thomas Michell of Canyngton, 1503

Thomas Michell / Mitchell

Of Canyngton

(1460 – 1503)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed

1503. THOMAS MICHELL. [30 Blamyr.] 1503. Thomas Michell, to be buried in the parish church of the B.M. of Canyngton; to the same church 6s. 8d. ; to the priory church of Canyngton 6s. 8d. ; to the church of Wemden 6s. 8d. ; to the church of Chilton 6s. 8d. ; to the church of Chalton 6s. 8d. ; to the church of Powlett 6s. 8d. I appoint my wife Margaret and my son Thomas and my daughter Isabella to be my executors, and my brother Master John Fizthiames overseer. [It is to be noted that he owed his brother Master Edward Stenyngs 10 marcs, but for what cause he did not reveal and also that he wished to have a priest celebrating for him, but he did not mention for how long, and that his daughter Isabella should have certain lands or S marcs a year, until she should be marriageable, or should have a husband, and that his brother Reginald and all his sisters should have something to pray for him and specially ” Dompna Johanna Michell ” on account of the gratitude which he owed her, but what she should have he did not mention, and he wished many other things if he had lived for two hours longer.] Proved December 4th, 1503.


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