The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Malette, Esquire of Enmore, 1501

Thomas Malette

Esquire of Enmore

(1425 – 1501)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933


1500. THOMAS MALETTE. [2 Blamyr.] August 28th, 1500. Thomas Malette : my bodie to be buried in the myddis of the chauncell of Saynt Mighell of Ennemer. To the cathedral church of Wellis 10s. To the church of Ennemer 40s. to be disposed after the discretion of the executrice : my will is that my feoffis suffer my sonne William to have the manor of Coripoll with all the stuffe within and withowte except the corne and half my shepe, whiche I wolde Isabell my wife have liberte to sell or to dispose at her will. My sonne William to have my evidences in my chapell at Ennemer with all the stuffe therin. My sonne Baldwyne to have the maner of Westcantokished with all my stuffe beyng upon the said maner to him and his issue malis, so that there cannot be gote a mariage for hym that shalbe to the value of £20 of lande by the yere of eneritans in hand or in reversioun; and if that canne begoten than that the maner of Westcantokished retourne to my heirs incontynent on this condicion that wheras I have purchased the maner of Cursley 1 with the appurtenance and gevin it to my sonne William and to his wife in joynture I will my sonne William fynde a priest at Ennemere with the same lands to praie for me and the sowlis of Sir Baldwyne Malet and Dame Avise his wife, Hugh Malet and Johanne his wife, Thomas Malet, Johanne, Elizabeth and Isabell his wifis, in perpetuyte and wheras I have enfeoffed my sonne Baldwyne, Sir John Braunche, Simon Homyng and John Logge of and in all my lands within the countie of Somerset my will is that they shall stonde so seasid unto this be perfourmed by my sonne William and if that he will not agre thereto that thanne I will my said feoffes dispose as moche lande oute of the maner of Liddarde as shall content the same my will to the value of 9 marcs by the yere; and also on condicion my wife marie noo more but lyve sole, thanne I will my said feoffis make unto Isabell my wife a state of the maner of Sutton Malet duryng her life, whome I will and ordeyn to be my executrice to dispose for my sowle all my 1 Corsley, a hamlet in Lydiard St. Laurence, owned by the Malets. (Collinson, III, 265.) goodis moveable and unmovable except to every of my childrenne I will she shall delyver a cuppeof silver giltesuche as it shall please her. The residue of my plate she to have durynge her life and after her decease to my sonne William and if my sonne Baldwyne maie marye an heyr to the value aforesaid that thanne I will my said wife to be charged to paie Cli. for the same mariage and to every of my servantes of men 6s. Sd. and women servantes 3^.4^. and also if this Cli. aforesaid will not be sufficient to content for the mariage of my sonne Baldwyne that thanne I will my sonne William and my said feoffes perceive and take of my lande for the same intent CIL more if it shall be required and also my daughter Margaret to have an annuyte of 20s. owte of the maner of Coripole during her life and the residue of all my goods I bequethe unto Isabell my wife, my executrice, to fulfill my laste will and paie my dettis and Jhesu have mercy upon my sowle and geven the daie and yere abovesaid. Proved at Lambeth, July 24th, 1501,


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