The Last Will and Testament of Sir John Wadham, Knight,1501

Sir John Wadham, Knight

Of Merifield and Edge Barton

(1440 – 1501/2)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

By Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed


Manor House at Edge, Somerset.  Residence of the Wadham Family

1501. JOHN WADHAM, KNT  [II Blamyr.] March 20th, 1501. John Wadham Knyght. My body to holy sepulture in the chapell of St. Kateryne in the Church of Illmyster in the tumbe in which William Wadham my grauntfer and Jone his wyff lyen. I will that there be disposed an C shillings to the chapell aforesaid and to make a chalice and the residue to the reparacion of the chapell aforesaid and an C shillings to the churche aforesaid and to the fraternite of the same. To the Church of Wells 40s. To the Church of Withlakington 40s. To the Church of Ilton 20s. whereof 10s. to go to the church and the other 10s. to the store of our Lady. The Abby of Athelney to have my gilte coope, the which was my cosayne John Warrs or ells the valiew of hym, at the election of my sone, to pray for the Warres and for me by name, as they be ordered in the said abbey. I will that my detts be well payed and content as it shall apeer by writing and the mowthis of the chalengers of itt taking betweene God and them discharging of my soule, and that it be content of my goodes excepte implements and stuff of howshold and my plate the which I will my sone Nicholas have at 2s. a unce yf he will, hooly with the manor of Merifild, except that I will my wyff have only the manor of Merifild a yere aftre my deth, and wheras my goodes will not streche to the contentacion therof, I will that it be levied of the manor of Slyverton 1 and Wadham the which I put itt in feoffment to the same extent the which feoffment restith in the hands of Sir John Speke, Knight. Also I will that my sone Nicholas have my manor of Alvyngton, Venicott, and Braden immediately after my decesse, except that I will that he suffre my feoffes and executors to receve on anuell rent of £20 to be levied of my manor of Braden aforsaid with a distres of non-payment the which ^*2C I will that it shall go to the exhibicion of my daughter Alianor in sum house of Religion of women with a woman to waite on her, and that the house be devised by the discrecion of my feoffars and exors. I will that the will of my cosayne Jone Warre be fulfilled as it apperith upon her testament the which 1 Silverton, co. Devon, resteth at Merifild in the parlor. Also I will that my nece Isabell Fauentleroy have £20 in money towarde her mariage for her goode service don in tymys paste. I will that my Emons [yeomen] have her hole wages a yer after my decesse unless then they can gett them service in the mene season. I will that Sir John Wadham my cosayne have £20 in money to singe for me by the space of two yeres and to pray for me as long after as hitt please hym. Wheras the vicar of Milverton oweth me ^”20 of the which I recevid a portuouse in prise of 10 marks I wolle that the said portuouse be evin to the chauntre of Ilmyster ther to be chayned in the yelde of St. Kateryne with other stuffe of howsholde that restith in the said chauntrye for to pray for us and the names her folowing to be prayed for, that is to say, Richard Warre, Jone and Margery her modre, John Wadham knt, and Isabell Elizabeth and Isabell his wyffis. Also I wolle that the other 20 markes be recovered of the said vicary, and yf he will not deliver itt by his free will I will that it be recovered by the wey of accion, whereof I will that 40s. be geven to the Abbott of Atthelney to holde an obite for us, also to the prioras and covente of Buklonde 40s. also to the prior and covent of Taunton 40s. to holde an obite for us. Also wheras the house of Wilton hath had gret injurye and wronge for nonpayment of 2$s. and ode money going out of the manor of Alvyngton. I will that they have a tune of wyne in recompense of the injurye done by me and 40*. to hold an obite for me as sone as they have knowledge of my deth. Also I will that there be levyed of my lands in feoffment so moche money as will paye for glasynge of a paene of new werke in Mowntegew and they to hold an obite for me after my decesse, and I and my wyff and children to be putt in ther fraternite. I will that the freres of Briggewater have 40s. to hold an obet for me and that Doctor Wollffe have 10s. a quarter till he be full content of 40s. wherof he is content of 20s. Also I will that the ffreres of Ilchester have 6s. id. Also I will that my wifFs detts be payed of the manor of Hardington or ellse of my lands put in feoffees hands to performe and content my will and detts, yf any interruption be made to the said manor of Hardington. I will that Edith my wyffes woman have 40s. I will that the vicary of Whytelakyngton have i$s. 4d. to the parson of Enjner ior, To Sir Philippe 6s. 8d t jo domerlet WHtti. The vicary of IIton 20 s. My exors to redeme a color of golde that was my wyflfs the which lieth with Umfray Walkron and that my doughter Alianor have hym. Also I will that she have hym that lyeth at plegge with John Herion for 20s. I will that my doughter Newborow have a bye 1 that my wyffe hath the which was my furste wyffes. I will that myn exors cause sum honest man to go for n>e on pilgrimage to St. Jamys, to Haills, to Master John Schornen, to Walsingham, to Canterburye, to the roode of Northdore at Pawlis, to our lady of pewe, 2 to king Harrye, to our lady of Bowe, to Saint Brownewill, to Bysshope Lacy 8 and he to have for his labours beside his costs 40*. and so moche more to be geven to preests and power men in almys as my selffe should have spent doing the said pilgrimage. I will my cosayne Sir John Wadham have the bedde that is in the chambre that he lyeth in. And this my will to be well and trewly performed and don. I ordayne and constitute Sir John Speke, knt, Master William Summaster, clerke, Master John Tayler, clerke, and John Wadham, clerke, to be myn exors, every of them to have for his labor 40s. a yer unto the tyme my will be content and performyd. In witness whereof I sett myn signe manuell. Proved at Lamehithe, July 1st, 1502.


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