The Last Will and Testament of Robert de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk, 1369

Robert de Ufford

Earl of Suffolk

Knight of the Garter

(1298 – 1369)

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Published in 1826

Transcribed by Nicholas Harris Esq


Robert de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk*, on the Feast of Saint Peter and Paul’ 1368. My body to be buried in tbe Abbey of Campesse in Suffolk, under the arch betwixt the high altar and St. Nicholas’ Chapel, and I will that five square tapers, and four mortars besides torches shall burn about my corpse at my funeral; to William, my eldest son, my sword, which the King gave me in name of the Earldom^; also my bed with the eagle, and my summer vestment powdered with leopards ; to Sir Edmund d’UITord, my dear brother, a cup with a cover chased with silver arms ^ to my dear sister de Brewz; to Sir Thomas d’Ufford ; to Sir Edmond my cousin; Robert d’Ufford the lesser*; to Dame Joan de Loudham ; to Sir John de Brewz, my nephew; to Giles de Brewz; to Monsr Ralf Hemenhale; to Sir Nicholas Gernon a ring of gold, for a remembrance; to Mons^” Thomas de la Dale; to Dame Katherine de Hemenhale ; to my niece Doxen. I will that prayers be said for my servants that died in my service, knights and others; to the Lady of Ulster^, a minoress, xx marks, towards the building at Brusyerd, and also a ring of gold, which was the Duke’s her brother’s. Garter soon after the foundation of the order.” This eminent personage died on Sunday next after the Feast of All Saints Nov. 4, 1369. Dugdale, vol. ii.p. 48. ‘ June 29th,


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