The Last Will and Testament of John Beauchamp of Thorpe, 1544

John Beauchamp

Of Thorpe, Surrey

‘John Becham’

(abt 1480 – 1544)

Court: Surrey Archdeaconry Court

Volume Title: Volume 5B (British Library Ms 24925) 1542-1544

Abstract Reference: SW/5B_64

Source: Surrey & South London Will Abstracts, 1470-1856 Transcription

John Becham of Thorpe, sick … 1544 (to be buried in the churchyard; 2d to the mother
church of Winchester)
lands and tenements to wife Joan and eldest son John equally but if she remarries all to John; to son William a red ‘hawkyd’ steer, a ‘valowe hekeneyr’ [? heifer] of 2 years, 30 yards of wheat lying at Chapeman’s, an acre of barley at Bauldcoke’s ‘borowe’, one cupboard standing in the buttery, a table against the wall in the hall; whoever shall enjoy my lands shall pay 12 quarters of wheat and 12 quarters of barley to my youngest son William ; quarter of barley to daughters Galys, Joan Trowell and Agnes Guston; to Alice Guston a bullock of a year old; to Amy Anford malt and wheat at her wedding; residue to wife Joan & son John, execs.; remainder if both John & William die to George [here ‘Alice’ is struck through] Galys my daughter’s son [presumably George is son of Alice Galys]; to daughter Agnes Marten a quarter of barley; son John to pay his mother 8s
Overseers: Richard Atwyke; John Bound; Nicholas Butler [who also witnesses]
Debts: to Richard Atwycke 10s; to Thomas Goryng 15s; to William Newland 7s 6d; to
Ambrose Keyne 7s 6d, a bushel of rye 2d, a bushel of wheat 2s 2d; to Baldycke 3s; to Harry Lane for 2 loads of wood 2s 4d; to Nicholas Marten 2s 8d; to Richard Tanner 7d; to Thomas Stere 1s 11d; to John Blackephane quarter of barley 3s 4d; total £2 18s 4d
[Addtl.Ms 24,925 f.25r]


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