The Last Will and Testament of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, 1368

Lionel Plantagenet

Duke of Clarence

(1338 – 1368)

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Published in 1826

Transcribed by Nicholas Harris Esq

Lionel Duke of Clarence 3, in the house of the Duke of Milan, in the City of Alba, the 3d of October 1368. My body to be buried in the Church of the Friars Augustines at Clare, in the County of Sufiolk ; to Violcnta, my wife’, my vestment with gold coronets; to John de Broinwieh, Knt. ray courser called Gerfacon ; to Richard Musard, Knt. a girdle of gold and a courser called Maugeneleyn; to Bartholomew Pygot; to John de Capell, my chaplain, a girdle of gold, to make a chalice in memory of my soul; and to the said John my best portiforium with musical notes; to Master Nicholas de Haddeley a small portiforium, without notes; to John Wayte, my chaplain, a portiforium, with notes; to Thomas Waleys a circle of gold, with which my brother and Lord was created Prince ^; to Edmund Mone the circle with which I was created Duke; to Nicholas Be-kennesfeld x marks a year out of the manor of Bremsfeld; to Robert Bardolf. And 1 appoint Violenta, my wife; Bartholomew Pigot, and John de Capell, my chaplain; and Sir John de Bromwich, Knight, my executors. In the presence of Nicholas de Bekennesfeld, Robert Bradway, John Bray, and others. Proved before William Archbishop of Canterbury* 6 ides of June* 1369, at Lambeth*.


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