The Last Will and Testament of John de Vere, 1358


7th Earl of Oxford

(1311 – 1359)

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Published in 1826

Transcribed Nicholas Harris Esq

John de Vere, Earl of Oxford % at Bentley, on Friday being the Feast of All Saints’, 1358. My body to be buried in the Chapel of our Lady in the Priory of Colne, on the South side the quire, at the head of John and Robert, my sons, who are there buried; I will that cccc marks sterling, left by my ancestors in aid of the Holy Land, be paid by my executors with all convenient speed ; toward the building of the Church of Colne c marks; to re-edify the Chapel called the New Abbey in Castle Hengham c marks, to the end that masses be there celebrated as heretofore by one or two priests; to Maud, my wife’, all the utensils of my house, as well those of silver as others ; to Maud, my daughter ^ for her marriage, m marks. And 1 appoint Sir John Sutton, Sir John Bennington, John Pel-ham, and Sir William Lavenham, my executors.


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