The Last Will and Testament of Henry Duke of Lancaster, 1360

Henry ‘of Grosmont’ PLANTAGENET

1st Duke of Lancaster

(1306 – 1361)

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Published in 1826

Transcribed by Nicholas Harris Esq

We, Henry Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Derby, Lincoln, and Leicester, Steward of England, Lord of Brigerak and Beaufort, dated at our Castle of Leicester March 15th, 1360. Our body to be buried in the Collegiate Church of the Annunciation of our Lady at Leicester, on that side of the high altar where the body of our lord and father, whom God pardon, is interred. Item, we will that our body be not buried for three weeks after the departure of our soul; and also we will that our Lord the King’, my Lady the Queen, be invited to our funeral; and Mons”” the Prince, and my Lords his brothers, my wife Lady Isabell, our sisters and our brothers their Lords, and other distinguished persons of our blood ; and we appoint the Reverend Father in God John Bishop of Lincoln^, the honorable man of holy religion William Abbe of Leicester, our very dear sister Lady Wake, our very dear cousin of Walkynton, Monsieur Robert la Mare, Mons”- John de Bokelonde, Sir John de Charnele, Sir Walter Power, Sinkyn Simeon, and John de INeumarche, our executors. Proved 3 kal. April 1361, at Leicester, and in London 7 idus of May ^ following*.


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