The Last Will and Testament of William de Longespée, c. 1226

William de Longespée

3rd Earl of Salisbury

Source: Testamenta vetusta

By. Sir Nicholas Harris
Published / Transcribed: 1826


William Earl of Salisbury I bequeath all the profits I have received or shall receive  by the wardship of the land and heir’of Richard de Camville, for the  building of a monastery of the order of Carthusians called God’s House, until my heir come of full age;  to the said house a cup of gold, set with emeralds and rubies; also a pix of gold, with xLiis. and two goblets of silver, one of which is gilt; like-wise a chesible and cope of red silk, a tunicle and dalmatick of yellow cendal, analba, amice, and stole; also a favon and towel, with all my reliques; likewise a thousand sheep, three hundred muttons, fortyeight oxen, and fifteen bulls*.



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