The Last Will and Testament of William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick, 1296



Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Published in 1826

Transcribed by  Nicholas Harris, Esq

William de Beauchamp ‘, Earl of Warwick, dated Holy Rood Day* 1296, 25 Edward I being in perfect health. My body to be buried in the quire of the Friars-Minors, commonly called the Gray-friars at Worcester, if I die within the compass of the four English Seas; otherwise, then in the house of the Friars-Minors nearest to the place in which I may happen to die, and my heart to be buried wheresoever the • Countess, my dear consort, may herself resolve to be interred; to the place where I may be buried two great horses, viz. those which shall carry ray armour at my funeral, for the solemnizing of which I bequeath two hundred pounds ; to the maintenance of two soldiers in the Holy Land one hundred pounds ; to Maud, my wife, all my silver vessels, with the cross, wherein is contained part of the wood of the very cross whereon our Saviour died; likewise the vestments of my Chapel to make use of during her life; but afterwards the best suit to belong to Guy*, my eldest son; the second best to my Chapel of Hanslape; and the third best to my Chapel of Hanley; to Guy, my son, a gold ring with a ruby in it, together with my blessing ; to my said wife a cup, which the Bishop of Worcester gave me, and all my other cups, with my lesser sort of jewels and rings, to distribute for the health of my soul, where she may think best; to my two daughters, nuns at Shouldham *, fifty marks *.


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