The Last Will and Testament of William de Beauchamp, 1268



Of Elmley

1215 – 1268

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Published in 1826

Transcribed by, Sir Nicholas Harris.

William de Beauchamp dated at Wauberge, upon the morrow after the Epiphany anno 1268 53 Henry III. my body to be buried in the Church of the Friars Minors at Worcester.  I will that a horse, completely harnessed with all military caparisons, precede my corpse; to a priest to sing mass daily in my Chapel without the City of Worcester, near unto that house of Friars which I gave for the health of my soul, and for the souls of Isabel my wife, Isabel do Mortimer, and all the faithful deceased, all my rent of the fee of Richard Bruli, in Wiche and Winchester, with supply of what should be too short out of my own proper goods; to Walter, my son, signed with the cross, for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land on my behalf and of Isabel, his mother, two hundred marks; to Joane, my daughter, a canopy, sometime belonging to St. Wolstan, and a book of Lancelot, which I have lent them ; to Isabel, my daughter, a silver cup; to Sibill, my daughter, all the money due to me from my son William, towards her marriage, and xl marks more, with the land which I bought in Britlamton, to enjoy it until she be married, and no longer; to Sarah, my daughter, one hundred marks for her marriage; to William, my eldest son, the cup and horns of St. Hugh; to my daughter the Countess, his wife, a ring with a ruby in it; to Sir Roger de Mortimer and Sir Bartholomew de Suley a ring each; to the Friars-Minors of Worcester forty shillings; to the Friars Minors of Gloucester one mark; to the Friars Carmelites there one mark; to the Hospital of St. Wolstan at Worcester one mark ; to the Hospital of St. Oswald there ten shillings ; to the Canons of Doddeford one mark ; to the Church and Nuns of Cokehill x marks ; to Isabel, my wife, ten marks; to the Church and Nuns of Westwood one mark; to the Church and Nuns without Worcester one mark; to every Anchorite in Worcester and the parts adjacent four shillings ; to the Church of Salewarp, a house and garden near the parsonage, to find a lamp to burn continually therein to the honor of God, the Blessed Virgin, St. Katherine, and Saint Margaret; and I appoint my eldest son William Earl of Warwick, Sir Roger Mortimer, Sir Bartholomew de Sudley, and the Abbots of Evesham and of Great Malverae, my executors *.


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