The Last Will and Testament of the Lady of Clare, 1355


(Nee; de Clare)


(1295 – 1360)

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Published: 1826

Transcribed by: Nicholas Harris Esq

I, Elizabeth de Burg, Lady of Clare, &c. dated at Clare 25th September 1355. My body to be buried in the Sisters Minories, beyond Aldgate, London ; I devise cclb. of wax to burn round my corpse, and I will that the surplus be given to the neighbouring poor churches. Item, I will that my body be not buried for fifteen days after my decease. Item, I will that my servants be paid in manner following : to Mons^ Nicholas Dammory, Robert Ma-reschall, Susan de Neketon, Ann de Lexeden, Elizabeth Torel, Margaret Banchon, Colmet de Morlee and Isabel his wife, John de Southam and Agnes his wife, Alison de Wodeham, Johannette Drueys, Sir John de Lenne, Sir Peter de Ereswell, Sir Henry Motelot, Sir William de Mantonz, frereJohn de Haselbech, frere Robert de Wise-bech, Sir William Albon, Sir John de Chiph’m, Sir Edward Sothword, Sir John de Huntyngdon, Sir William de Berkwey, Sir William de Wykkewane, Sir William Ail-mare, Sir William de Ditton, Sir Henry Palmer, Sir William Coke, frere JohnL’Eremyte, Sir John de Kireby,Richard de Waterden, John de Clare, John Bataile, Robert Elemengs, John de Horselee, Walter de Kireby, Nicholas Nowers, John Gough, Humphrey de Waleden, Thomas Charman, Richard de Kingeston,AlexanderCharman, Richard de Buskeby, John le Messag’, Philip Lichet, Stephen Derby, John de Knaresburgh, William Beneyt, Richard de Wodeham, John Motelot, Thomas de Lynton, Firmyn de Shropham, John de Henle, Walter de ColeshuU, William de Stone, Stephen le Pelleter, William de Colecestre, Thomas Montjoye, Thomas Scot, John le Lardiner, Hugh le Pullitier, Richard le Pasteler, John de Dunmowe, Henry le Pulletier, Cok Haveryings, John Brian, John Whitehened, John Braceour, John de Rush ton, John deChaundeler, Richard le Gayte, Richard le Charer, Jost’an Forester, Richard Forrider, John de Kent, John de Rineshale, John le Venour, Richard de Waltham, John Parker of Southfrith, John Parker bailiff of Erbury, Roger Garbedon, Richard Segor, Richard atte Pole, William Edward, Simon Parker of Trillek, Adam le Baker, William Gruffurth, Thomas Aylnier, Esmond Edward of Farnham, John Bacon bailiff of Burton, Nicholas Artour bailiff of Craneburn, John Goffe bailiff of Wyke, Thomas Palmer provost of Stoke Verdon, Adam ap Wyllym bailiff of Novelgraunge, Richard Cook bailiff of Liswyry, Richard Toy ere provost of Troye, Robert de la Ghambre, John de Wardon, Nichol de Ewer and Isabel his wife, John de Redyngs, Thomas de Redyns, Thomas de Henham, John Testepyn, Richard groom of the chamber, Thomas le Purtreour, Richard de Lanyngton, John ” garceon de la Botelleries,” Adam de la Pestriue, William Bacon, Robert Wolwy, Perot de Ho-land, John Caton, John Luceson, Robert Luceson, Henry Cnappyngs, Richard de la Forge, Robert de la Chaunde-lerie, Walter Hunte, William Joliffe, John le Seller; to all the pages of my ” hostel” that wear my livery; for masses to be sung for the souls of Monsi” John de Bourg, Mons’ Theobaud de Verdon, and Monsr Roger Dammory, my lords, for my soul, and for the souls of all my good and loyal servants who have died or may die in my service cxhli.; to find five armed men for the Holy Land c marks, to be spent in the service of God and destruction of his enemies, if any general voyage be made within seven years after my decease; for the souls of my Lords Mons”” John, Mons”” Thebaud, Mons”” Roger above-mentioned, and mine; to the Sisters Minors without Aldgate, London ; to the Sister Katharine de Ingham, Abbess of that house xxli.; to each sister of that abbey the day of my burial xiii s. iind.; to my hall called Clarehall, in Cambridge ” deux bons an-tiphoners chescun ove un grayel en mesme le volum, 1 bone legende, 1 bone messale bien note, 1 autre messale covert de blank quir, 1 bone bible covert de noir quir, 1 hugucion ‘, 1 legende sanctorum, 1 poire de decretals, 1 livre des questions, et XXII quaiers d’un livre appella de causa Dei contra Pelagianos ;” to the Cathedral Church of St. Paul; to Saint Thomas of Hereford ; to the Church of Walsingham ; to the religious houses of Stokes, Anglesey, Cranebourn, Tonebrigges, Tynterne, Usk, Thetford, Swafham, &c.; to Dame Elizabeth, my daughter. Countess of Ulster, the debt which my son, her father, owed me at his death *; also to my said daughter for seed corn in the manors of my inheritance ” en la baillie” of Clare, that is to say, Staundon, Berdefeld, Clarete, Erbury, Hoveden, Woodehalle, Bri-cham, and Walsingham ; ” en la baillie ” of Dorset, that is to say, Cranebourne, Tarent, Pimperne, Stupel, Wykes, and Portlonde; and in Wales, Troye, Trillek, Lancombe, Novell Graunge, Lantsan, and Tregruke»; to my daughter Bardolf my bed of green velvet, &,c.; to Mons’^ John de Bardolf, and to my said daughter his wife, jointly in my manors of Cathorp and Clapton, for seed corn, Sec ; to my young ‘ daughter Isabel Bardolf, to her marriage; to Agnes, her sister, to her marriage; to Monsieur William de Ferrers % in my manor of Litleworth, seed corn, &c.; to Mons'” Thomas Furnival^, on my manors of Farnham, Sere, Stoke, Verdon, and Wyndeford, seed corn, &.C.; to my daughter Countess of Athol*; to my Lord the King for his College of Windsor ; to my Lord the Prince; to the Duke of Lancaster my little psalter, &c.; to Dame Mary de St. Paul, Countess of Pembroke, a little cross of gold with a sapphire ; to Dame Joan de Bar, Countess of Warren, an image of St. John the Baptist; 1 will that my executors make to Sir John Leche an acquittance of 1000 marks. I appoint the following to be my executors : Monsr Nichol Dammory, Sir John de Lenne, Sir Henry Motelot, John Bataille, Sir Piers de Eresvvell, Robert Mareschal, Sir William de Manton, principal and chief; Sir Henry Palmer, Richard de Buskeley, Thomas Charman, Alexander Charman, Humphrey de Waleden, Richard de Kynges-ton, John Motelot, and Sir W^ilHam de Berkeooz,” secun-daires *.” Proved 3 non. December* 1360.


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