The Last Will and Testament of Agnes de Clifford (c. 1221)

AGNES DE CLIFFORD. (1168 – before 1221)

Agnes “Lady of Cavenby” de CONDET

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

By: Sir Nicholas Harris

Published: 1826

In the name, &c. I, Agnes de Clifford’, in the name of
the Holy Trinity, bequeath to the Prior and Convent of
the Holy Trinity of Canterbury, c s. of land in the town of
Wicham, with the consent of my Lord Walter de Clifford;
to the Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury xls.; to the
Church of St. Gregory xxs.; to the Church of the Holy
Sepulture XX s.; to the Hospital at Canterbury one mark
and a half ; to the ” Heremit de Hoppa” one mark; to
the Altar of All Saints of the Church of St. Andrew x
marks for my soul; to the Church of St. Radigund xxs. ;
to the Church of Hotley one mark. Item, to each parish
Church in Canterbury xii d. ; to the Church of St. Edelbert
of Hereford xl s. ; to the Church of Hagenby xl s. ” et unam
insulam ;” to the Church of Wenlock two marks ; to thirty
poor maidens, to their marriage, xxx s. ; to the Priory of
Clifford, “duas insulas et unicum tuniclum ;” to Basilia
my daughter xx marks; “Terrico Flandrensi” x marks;
to Ralph Despencer x marks; to Nicholas, Clerk, xx s. ; to
Robert, Vialatori xxs.; to Herbert, William, and Richard,
my servants, X s.; to Matilda my servant x marks, “et unam

robam de Skarket, et unam Gulecem ” punctatam, et unum
cooptorium ;” to Bartholomew de Newlof xxs. ; to Galfro Cul-
tario, X s. ; Gilbert de Chaiirij half a mark ; to William Pis-
tori half a mark; to Ide Parker half a mark ; to Lambert my
servant x s. ; to ” Diio Philippo, canonico,” vs.;” Item, duo-
bus parvis pistoribus duos soldos ;” to Hamon, preposito,
v«. ; to “Richard, coco, vs.; et Thomae, socio suo, vs.;”
” Will’o, summetar dfii, xii d. ;” John, Venatori, xii d. Item,
a palfrey, &c. “et summa meum cum ptin’;” to the Church
of the Holy Trinity-, where I shall be buried; to the Ancho-
rites of St. Andrew, of Wicham, every year, so long as
they shall live, two measures of wheat ; to Walter Aurifa-
bro xxs.; to Walter de Nicholls xxs.; to my mother’ a
ring of gold ; to Walter *”, my son, a ring of gold ; to Ro-
ger ‘, my son, Richard, my son, Simon, my son, and Giles,
my son, a ring of gold each; to each of my daughters a
ring of gold ; to the Hospital of St. Wolstan, of Worces-
ter, . . . ; and for the fulfilment of this my will, Walter de
Clifford, my Lord, has granted the profits of the Manor of
Cavenby < for one whole year after my decease, ” et War-
dam de la Graye quod emi a Dho meo tam diu quousq’
hoc testamentum meum corapleatur.” Item, I desire that
all my vestments and vessels of gold and silver be sold
that my will may be fulfilled, and that the remainder be
disposed of for my soul, at the discretion of my executors.
1 constitute my Lord Walter de Clifford, the Bishop of

Hereford ‘, the Prior of Christ Church of Canterbury,
Henry Archdeacon of Canterbury  and Dno Peter de
Hungria, my executors. Item, I bequeath to the Church
of St. Martin of Dover xx s.


This Agnes de Clifford was the daughter and sole heir of Ro-
ger de Cundy, Lord of the Manors of Cavenby and Glenthara, co.
Lincoln ; she married Walter Baron Clifford, who was Sheriff of
Hereford 1, 8, 9, and 17 of John, and died 7 of Henry III. There is
no account when this Agnes died, and the transcript whence the
above will is taken does not give the date of her Will ; as however
it was written during the life-time of her husband, who died in
1223, it is manifest its date must have been some time prior to that
year ; and from its being made at so very early a period it is worthy
of notice.


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