Sword of Despenser c.1300

Hugh Despenser (1286 – 1326), lover of King Edward II, Executed in the most awful way imaginable, and my 19x great-grandfather, who I descend from about 20+ times. He is an ancestor of at least 75% of all Brits or those at least who have Great Britain Ancestry.


This sword dates from around c.1300, the weapon is about 700 years old and belongs in a private collection.

The sword either belonged to Hugh Despenser, 1st Lord Despenser (1286 – 1326) or more likely belonged to one of his retainers (knights).

These images were sent to me a few years ago and it’s the first time I have shared them publicly.

Hugh Despenser is my 19th great-grandfather, I have never counted how many times I descend from Hugh, but it’s likely that I descend from him 20 times or more.

He was a lover of Edward II, and executed in the most awful way.

Below are links on my blog to further reading about Hugh Despenser

The Death of Hugh Despenser, the Younger

Facial FeaturesFacial Features


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