Elizabeth Lauder (d.1685/1691), Countess of Lauderdale

van Honthorst, Gerrit, c.1590-1592-1656; Elizabeth Lauder (d.1685/1691), Countess of Lauderdale

van Honthorst, Gerrit; Elizabeth Lauder (d.1685/1691), Countess of Lauderdale; National Trust, Ham House; Source: http://www.artuk.org/artworks/elizabeth-lauder-d-16851691-countess-of-lauderdale-217069


Elizabeth_Lauder (1)

Elizabeth Lauder Source: Wikipedia

My family descend from the Lauder family maternally through my great-grandmother Doris, my family also connect to this family through DNA and my mother shares DNA with Isabel Maitland (Daughter of Elizabeth).

Lady Elizabeth Lauder, Countess of Lauderdale (1632 – 1685) was the daughter of Richard Lauder, Laird of Haltoun (1603 – 1675) and Lady Mary Scot (1584 – 1660) she married Charles Maitland, 3rd Earl of Lauderdale (1618 – 1691) on the 18th November 1652. The couple had eight children, six sons and two daughters.

Elizabeth and Charles are my 10 x great-grandparents and my family descend from their eldest daughter Lady Isabel Maitland  (1655 – 1706).

Elizabeth’s father, Richard Lauder was the owner of Haltoun House and its lands, as well as extensive properties at Lauder, all of which passed to the Maitlands through marriage, Elizabeth having been provided with a money dowry. By a very extensive charter in The Great Seal of Scotland, confirmed at Whitehall, London, on 4 December 1660, Charles Maitland and his heirs male by his marriage were bound to “take the name of Lauder and bear the Arms of Lauder of Haltoun”, which was done in accordance with the charter by John Maitland, Charles 2nd son, who received a baronetcy of Nova Scotia as Sir John Lauder. As provided in the charter, when Sir John inherited the Earldom of Lauderdale on the death of his elder brother Richard, he reverted to the surname of Maitland.

The third Earl of Lauderdale left six sons and two daughters, his eldest son and heir being Richard Maitland, 4th Earl of Lauderdale. Of his daughters: Isobel married John, 8th Lord Elphinstone, and Mary married Charles Carnegie, 4th Earl of Southesk.


Haulton House c.1880


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