Inside the King’s Chamber

Today whilst researching my family history I came across an interesting connection to King Edward VI, Son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. a connection to the King’s bed chamber. (Privy Chamber) The thing I find most interesting about this connection is that his name has been lost to history. All I know, is that he was a SON OF LANE, and his position in society was

of the Privy Chamber to King Edward VI

For reference in this post I shall refer to him as Master Lane.

Master Lane is my 16x great-grandfather, he was father to Sibell Lane, who was born c. 1530 in London, England.

Sibell was married to John Garway ‘of London’ and through their descendants the family connects to the ‘Brockett’s of Brocket Hall’, and a very long sea-faring connection, including a Captain John Brocket of Stebonheath, Stepney (1660 – 1701), who was my 11x great-grandfather.

Below is a pedigree outlining my descent from Master Lane


My descent from Master Lane of the Privy Chamber of King Edward VI

So who was Master Lane!?

Perhaps somebody with more knowledge on the household of Edward VI may have a good idea. I have searched the visitations for clues and I’ve used find my past to view records for the Royal Household Staff (1526 – 1924), but so far I haven’t been very successful. The national archives lists a good collection of Wills relating to the Lane families of London but none hint at who Master Lane may be.


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