The Death of Elizabeth Solomon – London 1754

Elizabeth Solomon (Nee; Bone is my 7th great-grandmother, she was fatally wounded by her husband on the 1st April 1754, and died 16 days later in Bartholomew Hospital, London.

Below are the official documents relating to this case.

As sourced and TRANSCRIBED from London Lives (1690 – 1800)

Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers – Justices’ Working Documents


April 1754

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Original Document Dated April 1754 – Relating to the Death of Elizabeth Solomon.

The Information of Hanah the Wife of Joseph Brocas Soldier
belonging to the first Regiment of Guards

This Informantion her Oath saith that on the first day of April 1754.
between 7 & 8 in the Evening she went to the sign of the Coach and Horses ,
for the Key of her Room where she met the Deced Mrs. Elizth Solomon
who Eat some Beef and drank a pot of beer with her, and stayed about an
hour, and then went home to her Appartment in the Coach & horses yard;
Says in about an hour after Daniel Solomon her Husband came to Enquire
for his Wife and being informed that she was at home he went away But
in about to Minutes returned for this Informant and told her
that he should be hangd as well as his fellow servand Sam Dean
who was hangd that day, for that he had cut his Wife and believed she
would Bleed to death, This Informant upon that went upto her; And
found her Sitting on the side of the bed bleeding sadly; And heard her
say that her Husband had beat her with the handle of the Broom
further says that she Endeavoured to Stop the blood, And sent for One
Mr. Roberts of St. Jones’s And when he came would not do any thing
to her, but ordered her to be sent to the Hospital and she was sent
Accordingly But was then pretty much in Liquor, Says that she saw
her in the Hospital, Especially on the Saturday Sonnight before she
dyed, And then she was very much swelled, And said she was much Easier;
Says that She dyed on Tuesday 16th: of April in the said Hospital
And never heard her Exclaim against her Husband at all

Elizabeth Latham Sister of Charity Ward in St. Bartholemews Hospital
This Informant on her Oath saith that on the first of April Elizth: Solomon
was brought into the said Hospital as a patient, and had a wound on the
right side of her which was dressd Accordingly, Says that she was then
very much in Liquor, Says that she then asked her how she Came to
receive the said Wound, She informed her that her Husband had pushed her
and that she fell down and cut her head against the Callender, And
that she never Accussed her Husband of her death But that she believed
She had got her death Wound, Says that she was under her Care for
a fortnight 3 hours & a half and dyed the 16th: of april 1754.


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