Henghe Janes of Newgate, London (1530 – 1600)

Henghe Janes (as spelt in the parish records) was born c. 1530. It is likely that he was of Huguenot origin and possibly arriving in England shortly after the reformation period 1529 – 1537.

If Henghe was french in origin, His name would have likely been spelt Henri Jaines or Henri Jeanes.

DNA Study into this area of my tree points to the french conclusion, as my paternal DNA has 69% Europe West, 30% Europe East and only 1% Ireland.

As shown below:


Ethnicity Estimate

Henghe Janes is my 12th great grandfather, and he settled in The parish of Newgate, London. Newgate was one of the historic seven gates of the London Wall around the City of London and one of the six which date back to Roman times.


Newgate London Entrance c. 1640

During the Tudor Period, the gate would have been adorned with the heads of traitors and the limbs of the those who were hung, drawn and quatered. It was a stark and shocking time in English History.

My connection to Henghe Janes, has only been made possible with the use of DNA to bridge the gap where records have been lost. Through DNA I share a match with his grandson Abel Janes of Essex who was born in 1585. Abel was resident of Chelmsford, Essex where my branch of Janes resided. This was the only branch of my family history that had missing generations, but one I accepted namely with thanks to DNA and Location. I have since filled in those gaps, with thanks to shipping and emmigration records.

Abel Janes was the father of William Janes the immigrant, who settled with the early American colonies shortly after 1640. His descendants established Janesville, Wisconsin.

Henghe Janes is recorded as having one son, John Janes who was born in Newgate, London and baptised in Christ Church, Grey Friars on the 20 May 1565.


Christ Church, Greyfriars

Christ Church, Grey Friars no longer exists, and was destroyed twice in it’s history, firstly during the great fire of London and then again during WW2. The church was the final resting place for two Queens of England, it is now a garden overlooked by the church ruins.

Little is known about the life of Henghe Janes, there is no record of his marriage or the life that his son John Janes lived, Their lives have been lost to history. It is through the life of his grandson Abel Janes that we first see the family appear in more official documents and through Abel Janes a long and very interesting history has been left to discover.

Henghe 'of Newgate, London' JANES

Henghe ‘of Newgate, London’ JANES – Pedigree, Janes Family



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