John Gordon of Forgue, Auchabar, Comisty & Dummuie

John Gordon of Forgue, Aberdeenshire is my 6x great grandfather A Gateway Ancestor, the son of a Jacobite rebel, James Gordon of Cobairdy Esquire and Lady Mary Forbes.

James Gordon of Cobairdy was intwined with the Jacobite Rising of 1745 he fought at the Battle of Culloden that same year and was a close companion of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

(This is the first of two posts about John Gordon)

John Gordon was born about April 1749, possibly in cairnton, fourdon, a farm situated about 61 miles from Forgue (via road way). As his baptism records that his father was ‘In’ Cairnton at the time.

His Baptism took place on the 1st April 1749 and is recorded as follows; “1749 April Jas Gordon in Cairntonn had a son baptized named John witnesses Wm Anderson elder & yr there”.

John was one of seven children (the second youngest) born to James Gordon and his wife Lady Mary Forbes. The youngest Isobel was born in 1751, A year later James Gordon and his Jacobite companions fled Scotland with Bonnie Prince Charlie and took refuge in Paris, France.

Scottish Ancestry and DNA

Below is my connection to John Gordon

John ‘of Forgue’, ‘in Auchabar, Comisty & Dummuies’ GORDON (1749 – 1810)
6th great-grandfather

Helen GORDON (1781 – 1841)
daughter of John ‘of Forgue’, ‘in Auchabar, Comisty & Dummuies’ GORDON

Barbara COWIE (1815 – 1904)
daughter of Helen GORDON

Alexander WALKER (1846 – 1931)
son of Barbara COWIE

Barbara Eliza WALKER (1875 – 1957)
daughter of Alexander WALKER

Doris Margery TAYLOR (1904 – 1999)
daughter of Barbara Eliza WALKER

Joyce Margery PLASKETT (1934 – 2013)
daughter of Doris Margery TAYLOR

Christine Angela Deborah BEAN (1957 – )
daughter of Joyce Margery PLASKETT

Stephen Robert KUTA
I am the son of Christine Angela Deborah BEAN

DNA study within my family has shown 27% Ireland, which includes Scotland. I have no Irish genealogy in my family tree for at least the first 600 years of my family story. So this ethnicity break down is related to my Scottish descent, even though mathematically it should only be 12.5%.
Through my maternal family tree my Scottish connections have passed a good amount of DNA through to my mother (who I tested), DNA within this study matches with many of the ancestors of John Gordon of Forgue.

The image below is a snapshot from my family tree, the blue DNA images show where my DNA matches.
Pedigree of John Gordon of Forgue

Pedigree of John Gordon of Forgue

 This connection in my family tree is the biggest connection I have, because most of the ancestors of James Gordon and Lady Mary Forbes are recorded. Historically it ties my family story into the very fabric of Scottish, English, French, Danish, Spanish and German history. If I were to write a post each day about all of their ancestors it would take me a lifetime.

John Gordon of Forgue was a 7x great grandson of King James V of Scotland, John is a gateway ancestor and my 6x great grandfather.

Check back soon for his full story…

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