Henry ‘of North Wales’ WILLES (1450 – 1488)

Henry WILLES of North Wales was born circa 1450 and is believed to have died in England in the year 1488, like many welsh families he settled in England around the time King Henry VII won the throne after his forces defeated King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Henry Willes may even have been present at the battle.

It is believed that Henry Willes is a direct male to male descendant of BLeddyn ‘ap Rhys’ ap Maenyrch who was born in the year 1039 and died 1093, I haven’t researched this possible connection, but if it’s correct then the ancestry of my 6x great grandfather ‘Richard Gilham’ can be traced through an unbroken male line of more then 1000 years.

With this particular line I have researched as far back as 1450, below is my pedigree.

Henry ‘of North Wales’ WILLES (1450 – 1488)
14th great-grandfather

Thomas ‘of Forest Dene’ GUILLIM (1464 – 1514)
son of Henry ‘of North Wales’ WILLES

John ‘of Forest Dene’ GWYLLIM (1514 – 1581)
son of Thomas ‘of Forest Dene’ GUILLIM

John ‘of Minsterworth’ GUILLIM (1565 – 1621)
son of John ‘of Forest Dene’ GWYLLIM

Richard ‘of London’ GUILLIM (1590 – )
son of John ‘of Minsterworth’ GUILLIM

Griffith ‘of London’ GUILLIM (1630 – 1688)
son of Richard ‘of London’ GUILLIM

Henry GILHAM (1662 – )
son of Griffith ‘of London’ GUILLIM

Michael GILHAM (1691 – )
son of Henry GILHAM

Richard GILHAM (1745 – 1805)
son of Michael GILHAM

Rebecca GILHAM (1776 – 1840)
daughter of Richard GILHAM

Charles GILHAM (1805 – 1876)
son of Rebecca GILHAM

Sarah Ann GILHAM (1846 – )
daughter of Charles GILHAM

Caroline Eliza MYHILL (1874 – 1909)
daughter of Sarah Ann GILHAM

Thomas Walter Frank BEAN (1903 – 1965)
son of Caroline Eliza MYHILL

William Llewellyn BEAN (1931 – )
son of Thomas Walter Frank BEAN

Christine Angela Deborah BEAN (1957 – )
daughter of William Llewellyn BEAN

Stephen Robert KUTA
I am the son of Christine.

There are some interesting connections in this pedigree, all of which can be found on my ancestry tree: ancestry of Rebecca Gilham.

This branch is fully sourced, (including DNA) and includes connections with the Boleyn Family and the Denys Family ancestors I share with ‘Cher’ 😀. Many members of the family are well recorded and can be found on wikipedia and their pedigrees can be found in the county visitations and Burke’s Peerage. (to name but a few).

Below is a coat of arms associated with the family:





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  1. Hi,
    Could you please contact me, I am doing family research, I am a Gilliam, and I am not making clear lines on some of my connections lol

    Thank you,
    Regina Gilliam


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