Charlotte Prior (1791 -1868)

Charlotte Prior is my 4x great grandmother, she was baptised on the  16 October 1791 in Saint Mary’s Church, Roxeth, Harrow, London, England and was the daughter of John Prior (1754 – 1819) and Mary Stephens (1757 – 1819), she was of nine children born to this couple.

My Relationship to Charlotte Prior

Charlotte PRIOR (1791 – 1868)
4th great-grandmother
Frank BEAN (1825 – 1888)
son of Charlotte PRIOR
Frank BEAN (1869 – 1957)
son of Frank BEAN
Thomas Walter Frank BEAN (1903 – 1965)
son of Frank BEAN
William Llewellyn BEAN (1931 – )
son of Thomas Walter Frank BEAN
Christine Angela Deborah BEAN (1957 – )
daughter of William Llewellyn BEAN
Stephen Robert KUTA
I am the son of Christine Angela Deborah BEAN


Charlotte Prior’s pedigree

My family still carry Charlotte’s DNA and DNA belonging to her parents.

For the past few days, I have been working on Charlotte’s gateway ancestors, and filling in gaps which still exist in my tree, Over the past few years I have identified two gateway ancestors belonging to Charlotte’s ancestry.

A gateway ancestor is a doorway into recorded, published and historically known pedigrees which can stretch many hundreds of years into the past.

Gateway Ancestor One:
Laurence ‘of Godalming’ Elliott (1521 – 1581) is Charlotte’s 6x great grandfather and my 12th great grandfather. 
Laurence was the father of another Lawrence Elliot who famously circumnavigated the globe on board ‘The Golden Hind’ alongside Sir Francis Drake.
Below is a link to an old post, and another branch connecting me too Lawrence Eliot, who I relate too twice. (he is both my 12th great grand uncle and a cousin).
Lawrence Eliot and the Golden Hind

Laurence ‘of Godalming’ Elliott and William Stephen’s (below) are both descendants of King Henry III (1 October 1207 – 16 November 1272).

Gateway Ancestor Two:
William Stephen’s (1670 – after 1698) is Charlotte’s great grandfather and my 8x great grandfather.
William was born in Holborn, London and was the son of Henry Stephens and Cicely Bray, both of his parents ancestry can be traced back hundreds of years through various branches.

More about Charlotte Prior
Charlotte married on the 28 May 1815 in Saint James Church, Paddington, London, England. Her Husband Thomas Bean (1793 – 1845) was previously married to her sister Fanny (although a record of this marriage and her death is still yet to be found).
Thomas Bean was employed as an agricultual labourer and was in the service of Rev. John Gray, of Whembley-park, near Harrow.
Thomas died on 7th August 1845 from horrific injuries after he was trodden to death by his horse.
This full story can be found here;
Killed by a Horse
Both Thomas Bean and Charlotte Prior had eight children, including my 3x great grandfather Frank Bean (1825 – 1888), who went onto help excavate the tunnels of the London Underground.
This full story can be found here;
My 3x grt grandfather Frank Bean helped excavate the Metropolitan Railway
Charlotte died on the 15th March 1868, in Roxeth, Harrow from scirrhous of the Pylorus and of the Stomach, (Tumour).

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