Fun but complicated facts about my Tudor Genealogy

The Tudor period is the period between 1485 and 1603, it was one of the most prosperous periods in English history, and it gave us some of the most famous characters in England’s history.

Here are some fun, but complicated facts about my Tudor genealogy:

Anne Boleyn is my 14th great grand aunt, her mother Elizabeth Howard is my 14th great grandmother and my 13th great grand aunt. Anne Boleyn was married to King Henry VIII my 16th great grand uncle, he is also my 2nd cousin 16x removed. Anne and Henry’s daughter was Queen Elizabeth I my 1st cousin and my 3rd cousin 16x removed, she was godmother to Sir Francis Wolley my 1st cousin 13x removed. Sir Francis Wolley’s father was Sir John Wolley my 13th great uncle and latin secretary to Elizabeth I. His cousin Sir Walter Buckler my 14th great uncle was chamberlain to Elizabeth I, his cousin Margaret Wolley is my 12th great grandmother who was the 2x great grandmother to Sir Thomas Leigh, my 3rd cousin 10x removed. Sir Thomas Leigh’s wife was Hannah Rolfe and her great grand uncle was John Rolfe Esquire husband to Pocahontas who was wife of my great-uncle of wife of 3rd cousin 10x removed. (confused). Whilst still living in America, Pocahontas met William Stracy who was brother-in-law to my 13th great uncle, she also met Elizabeth I on her arrival in England.

Elizabeth I favourite playright was William Shakespeare my 5th cousin 15x removed and her father Henry VIII was married six times, his wife Catherine Howard is my 1st cousin 13x removed and she lost her head on the same day as Jane Parker who was wife to George Boleyn my 13th great grandfather. Henry was alşo married to Jane Seymour and Catherine Parr both are my 4th cousins 14x removed. Henry’s mistress Bessie Blount was my 16th great grand aunt and his chief minister was Thomas Cromwell brother-in-law of my 2nd cousin 16x removed, John Minterne my 12x great grandfather disliked him.

Thomas Cromwells sister Catherine Cromwell was married to Morgan ‘ap Williams’ ap Ieuan who’s grandfather was Jasper Tudor my 17th great grand uncle, his parents were Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort my 18x great grandparents and through them I descend from King James V of Scotland my 15x great grandfather, his grandson King James I (vi) of England closed the reign of the Tudor period and he was once close to being blown up by Guy Fawkes who just happens to be my 6th cousin 16x removed.

Confused… I am lol.

My family connection to the Elizabethan Court

My family connection to the Elizabethan Court


3 thoughts on “Fun but complicated facts about my Tudor Genealogy

  1. You Brits just have far too many generations to go back! The furthest I’ve gotten is a few of my 6th-great-grandfathers. Is everyone in England related to each other AND to the royal family!?

  2. Us Brits, probably are all related in one way or another lol.
    Six generations is very good, especially as you have a much harder job then me. Researching Jewish / Eastern Europe Ancestry is no easy task.

  3. i got back to 1100 in france….1st english ancestor i could find was odo..odonis le cartier…lots of work to find all of this…

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