John William Carter (1810 – 1850)

Below is an imagined sketch of John William Carter (1810 – 1850), my 5x great-grandfather whom I descend from through my Plaskett family history.

John William Carter was a Thames Lightermen or Waterman, he worked the river Thames from a very early age and he’s the only ancestor (that I know off) born in the last 500 years who married aged just 12. Although his first child was born when he was aged 15 and his wife Jane Ward (1807 – ) was a few years older.

John sadly died aged 40 as a result of water born virus’s carried in the River Thames at the time, he died from Delirium and Tremors, Typhoid on the 13th May 1850.

Through John William Carter I descend from Mary Warner and through the Warner family I relate to actress/singer Cher.

Imagined sketch of John William Carter Artist: Flickshell

Imagined sketch of John William Carter
Artist: Flickshell


5 thoughts on “John William Carter (1810 – 1850)

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, I have commissioned a few sketches recently. There are lots of artists who would jump at the challenge and many are very honoured to be drawing. I advertised on Deviant Art, as there are lots of young artists eager to build on their portfolios etc.
      Also, many of our most famous paintings were created post humously, so I thought why not for our personal family history too 🙂

  1. Isn’t Delirium Tremors a liver disease symptom for an alcoholic? My mom remember s a man dying about 70 years ago of the DT’s in the room my sister and I shared.

    • It could well be, although I think the Typhoid part is more likely something a bit nastier. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was an alcoholic though, I think most victorian’s prob were

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