Facial Features

Can facial features pass through the centuries and remain in a family for more then 600 years?

Below is a photo of myself and one of a true reconstructed skull of Sir Hugh le Despenser my 21st great-grandfather. Every time I look at his face, I see a family resemblance. I would love to know what you all think?

Sir Hugh le Despenser - Facial Reconstruction

Sir Hugh le Despenser – Facial Reconstruction


15 thoughts on “Facial Features

  1. I see a similarity in the shape of your faces and in the eyebrows. The mouth is somewhat different—he has thinner lips. The nose and eyes seem somewhat similar, but not identical. Really interesting! But somehow after 20+ generations, it seems unlikely that this could be directly related to Sir Hugh. That’s a lot of genes getting into the mix between you and him!

    Didn’t some royal family—the Hapsburgs, perhaps—all have the very same distinctive nose?

    • Yes 🙂 I am sure you are right, a lot of generations have passed and a big mix off genes would certainly have altered features throughout the centuries. I relate to Sir Hugh both maternally and paternally and from 1500 and before, nearly every single one of my ancestors were related. They kept their marriages within the same elite group.
      I would be interested in knowing if any DNA has been taken from these bones, and whether or not the results have been published. I think a comparison of DNA might be a good move to make.

      • Isn’t it strange how often our ancestors married within the family? It’s amazing we are all here, given the risks created when recessive genes are matched by two parents from the same larger family.

        But it also is evidence that we are all ultimately related in some way. Pretty cool actually.

    • I agree, and thank you for your comment. Im not sure how far facial features can pass down a line. My partner is a spitting image of his great-grandfather, and he looks nothing like his parents. So I guess genetics can skip generations. Although I don’t know much about DNA but its an area of genealogy I am keen on investigating.

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