Using Pinterest to Showcase Family Photographs.


Recently I have been looking at Pinterest as a way of showcasing my family photographs, and placing them together on one board to make it easier for sharing it’s also another way of archiving important family records and once I have uploaded the images I am happy to contribute to the genealogy community, I may even consider extending this to include some of my documents too.

The site can easily be embedded into WordPress, shared on Google+ and so on.

We can also add pins to images we find online, these are added to our boards, although I have yet to look at this function properly and to fully understand it’s capabilities.

Has anyone used Pinterest?

Do you think it can offer something new for genealogists as a tool?

I have only uploaded twenty images so far, and these can be viewed in the link below.


8 thoughts on “Using Pinterest to Showcase Family Photographs.

  1. Nice! I never thought of it as a way to showcase photos. I like to search for genealogy items sometimes on pinterest and I have found some interesting items that way. I do have a genealogy board on there and follow ancestry and a few other genealogy pinners too.

    • I think it’s a good tool, easy to use, well layed out. I will certainly use the site for my own interests, family photographs, images of places and church’s, heraldry and so on. 🙂 and thank you for your comment 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, I have only just started using the site and would only consider using something if it’s a good tool I can apply to my research. I have an interest in heraldry too and often put family coats of Arms together myself, so it’s good place to pin these images and share with a wider community.

  2. The nice thing about Pinterest is that you can make private folders as well as public ones. This way, you can share your photos with friends and family and have the option whether or not to make them public.

    • Yes the private function is a really good idea, I think it’s a good platform for sharing. It’s easy to use and the layout is good too.
      The only use I would get from Pinterest is associated with my family history, either photographs of places, people, heraldry and so on.
      I think I will certainly use it as a tool.

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