I love my little girl to the Moon and Back.

I thought I would post two more videos today of my beautiful little girl Yhana.
I am always trying to use different forms of media to record her life, and for genealogist’s that’s very important for us and we often take the preservation of our own family records very seriously.
I have no idea if these videos will stand the test of time, for a start I do use third-party material (music) in the background, That may not be a problem because some areas of this industry may just mute this music or place adverts on the videos.

I always have my camera close by to capture precious moments of her, I only have two pictures of myself as a kid (which is a shame) and yet Yhana already has many thousands, I have preserved these images in both book form, digitally and as hard copies. She also has a beautiful shipping trunk I had specially made for her which has her name, date of birth and the co-ordinates of her place of birth inscribed onto it, all of her important records, photos, a few items of clothing etc… are kept together.

All of the photograph’s that appear in these videos are my own work, Photography is a big hobby of mine and Yhana is such a beautiful little person to photograph 🙂 I’m a proud parent.

I’m also a Gay Dad and that brings its own problems (on a social level). My parenting is no different except I have to think about things both paternally and maternally and I Like to think I am very good at it.

The videos are between 5 – 7 minutes long each (my apologies) but I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

Yhana’s first Year – 2011

Yhana – A Year in Photographs – 2012


5 thoughts on “I love my little girl to the Moon and Back.

  1. Someday she will be glad you kept such a beautiful record of her childhood. The trunk is a wonderful idea. I have seen too many times when a family will clean out the home of an elderly relative and just toss the photos and other family documents, it’s so sad to see. Great videos.

    • I have seen family records end up in the bin too, especially photographs that have not been labelled or the person clearing the house has little interest in their family history.
      I personally don’t trust my documents in the hands of my family and I don’t mean anything bad by that, I just know they wont have much interest in it.
      I am hoping if I tell my little girl enough wonderful family stories, she too may grow with an interest in family history.
      If not, then I am hoping that sites like Ancestry and WordPress will stand the test of time, and my records and photographs will be available online for many generations to come.
      a BIG thank you for your comment too 🙂

      • I grew up being told about my mother’s siblings and herself since her mother lived with us until her death just before my 21st birthday. I tried to get them written down or recorded but as soon as there was any effort to do that I was told it was silly and no one would be interested. I tried to explain that I wanted to keep those stories even if it was only for myself, but they wouldn’t listen. By the time I did convince my mother she wasn’t able to remember most of them. I see now how much history was lived through, the things that were necessary to get by and I so very much wish they had let me record them telling those family stories. I’m glad you’re doing that for your sweetie, she will appreciate it in time.

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