Yhana 2013 – A Year in Photographs

Alongside genealogy, photography is also one of my big interests, a year ago I posted a video on YouTube of my very, very beautiful little girl Yhana showcasing some of my favourite photographs from that year.
Yhana is my niece, and I am her legal guardian she a been a part of my life since she was 3 weeks old and she is the most beautiful person to ever come into my life.
Here is the video and I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed putting it together.


12 thoughts on “Yhana 2013 – A Year in Photographs

      • The wonderful part about children is that even though they pull away as teenagers and young adults, when they are really grown, they come full circle and you get all that back again. Mine are 38 and 41 and they are just as loving as when they were babies…and the grandchild….ohhhh. Congratulations on your life.

      • That’s an amazing piece of advice, and I will remember those words when she is a teenager.
        I am of cause apprehensive of the teenage years especially as I am only her uncle.
        But those words of wisdom about a child coming fall circle is probably the best sound advice anyone could ever be given.
        Thank you 😉

  1. What a beautiful and charming little girl! It’s fun to see how much she grew in one year. I LOVE her outfits!! And if I may ask, where are the beach photos taken? Such stunning views. Continue to enjoy her. These magical years of innocence fly by. My older grandson is now four, and I treasure every minute I can get with him.

    • The beach photos were taken in Cornwall, England. A very beautiful county and the only area that the Atlantic washes against our shores. For that reason the water is often very clear and beautiful blues and greens.
      And thank you Amy 🙂

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