1900 – Boer War British sentry on duty

I recently found this antique book plate dating from 1900 depicting a British Boer War Sentry on duty, and due to my family connection with the Boer War and the fact that I liked this image I decided to buy it.

Compared to most historical wars, there isn’t a lot of interest in Boer War memorabilia a search on Ebay will turn up 1000’s of images and collectibles.

I use Ebay a lot whilst researching and I save all my search terms and get notified daily if something of interest is listed. Some things that appear on Ebay should be in a public archive or museum and many things I see listed are clearly the sellers grandfather’s war medals or their family photographs (I always cringe).

but over the years I have discovered items and images connected to my own family history. It’s a great place to look.

Please feel free to use this image.

1900 - Boer War British sentry on duty

1900 – Boer War British sentry on duty


2 thoughts on “1900 – Boer War British sentry on duty

  1. What a great idea—using ebay to look for photographs. These photos are all wonderful, and I think it’s great that you are posting them for others to see and perhaps identify the people in them. Unfortunately I can’t be of any help here.

    • You can often find some hidden treasures on Ebay, including postcards of ships that our ancestors travelled on, old maps, portraits, postcards of streets our ancestors lived and so on.
      Hopefully these recent images I have posted will be found by somebody researching and hopefully they can add more detail. 🙂

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