My Scottish Heritage

If I had to choose a branch of my family history that I felt a deep affinity and closeness too, then I would have to choose my Scottish branch. There is something about my Scottish roots that intrigues me and every time I visit Scotland, I feel as though I am home and maybe one day I will be fortunate enough to call it that.

I have been researching my Scottish family tree for many years and there is still a lot of work to complete, recently I have discovered a family tree online (well sourced) which connects my tree to an incredible and interesting past.

This connection also answers a question regarding the use of middle names given to the siblings of my 3x great grandfather Alexander Walker. these middle names were: Stewart, Rose, Thom, Thompson and Thain for years I had no idea why these middle names were used, but since discovering this online tree, these middle names are all associated surnames that belong to his ancestors.

Did Alexander Walker’s parents Barbara Cowie and James Walker know of their colorful and rich historical past, it certainly looks that way and too much of a coincidence for them having used these names at random.

Scottish Flag

Below is just one section of my Scottish Family Tree.


Robert I “King of Scotland” BRUCE (1274 – 1329)
is my 21st great grandfather

Matilda ‘Maud’ BRUCE (1312 – 1353)
daughter of Robert I “King of Scotland” BRUCE and my 20x great grandmother

Jonet ISAAC (1338 – )
daughter of Matilda ‘Maud’ BRUCE and my 19x great grandmother

Isabel de ERGADIA (1358 – 1439)
daughter of Jonet ISAAC and my 18x great grandmother

James “The Black Knight of Lorn” STEWART (1383 – 1451)
son of Isabel de ERGADIA and my 17x great grandfather

Sir John ‘of Balvenie’ “1st Earl of Atholl” STEWART (1440 – 1512)
son of James “The Black Knight of Lorn” STEWART and my 16x great grandfather

John “2nd Earl of Atholl” STEWART (1475 – 1521)
son of Sir John ‘of Balvenie’ “1st Earl of Atholl” STEWART and my 15x great grandfather

John “3rd Earl of Atholl” STEWART (1507 – 1542)
son of John “2nd Earl of Atholl” STEWART and my 14x great grandfather

Margaret “Lady of Atholl” STEWART (1521 – 1555)
daughter of John “3rd Earl of Atholl” STEWART and my 13x great grandmother

Margaret ‘of Freuchie’ GRANT (1545 – )
daughter of Margaret “Lady of Atholl” STEWART and my 12x great grandmother

Daughter of GORDON (1566 – )
daughter of Margaret ‘of Freuchie’ GRANT and my 11x great grandmother

John ‘of Fernaughtie’ GORDON (1584 – )
son of Daughter of GORDON and my 10x great grandfather

Robert ‘of Farnachtie’ GORDON (1630 – )
son of John ‘of Fernaughtie’ GORDON and my 9x great grandfather

John ‘in Belnacoul’ GORDON (1680 – 1737)
son of Robert ‘of Farnachtie’ GORDON and my 8x great grandfather

Adam ‘of Lyne of Rudry’ GORDON (1710 – )
son of John ‘in Belnacoul’ GORDON and my 7x great grandfather

Robert GORDON (1748 – 1789)
son of Adam ‘of Lyne of Rudry’ GORDON and my 6x great grandfather

Helen GORDON (1781 – )
daughter of Robert GORDON and my 5x great grandmother

Barbara COWIE (1815 – 1904)
daughter of Helen GORDON and my 4x great grandmother

Alexander WALKER (1846 – 1931)
son of Barbara COWIE and my 3x great grandfather

Barbara Eliza WALKER (1875 – 1957)
daughter of Alexander WALKER and my 2x great grandmother

Doris Margery TAYLOR (1904 – 1999)
daughter of Barbara Eliza WALKER and my great grandmother

Joyce Margery PLASKETT (1934 – 2013)
daughter of Doris Margery TAYLOR and my grandmother


10 thoughts on “My Scottish Heritage

  1. I also have Scottish ancestors and was aware of using the mothers maiden name for the eldest sons middle name, I find tracing my Scottish roots quite difficult, you have done an amazing job getting that far back !!

    • Researching Scotland records are very difficult. I have just been lucky to stumble upon work already completed and in great detail. Although my next big research plan is to go through this completed work and double check all their findings. It’s an incredible line and worth a lot of my time.
      There is something very special about Scotland.

  2. From what you have here there’s a connection with my mother’s ancestors through the Stewarts of Atholl. I haven’t done as much digging there as I’ve wanted. Trying to get the spouse’s family as done as possible for the step-children.

    • That’s very interesting, so I guess that makes us distant cousins. 🙂
      I think I’m going to concentrate on this line for a while to see what else I can find out and add as many sources as possible.
      I havent worked on my Scottish line for a while and I think it’s time I re-visited it.

  3. So how do you feel about Scotland becoming independent?

    I follow another blog (Shaking the Tree) by an author (Su Leslie) who also has Scottish roots. She just wrote about the Scottish naming patterns—very interesting.

    • I think they should do whatever is best for themselves, and what they feel is right.
      Scots are very patriotic, more so then Brits.
      I think over the years England has lost its identity a little, and the rest of the world can see that. We don’t even take pride in our own saints day and our country is too concerned about offending minority groups, to the point we allow them to take precedence over our own best interests, which has recently been seen in Rotherham, Yorkshire.
      Scotland is probably better off with out us and what ever decision they decide on, I wish them luck.

      • Perhaps—I do understand their national pride. But others say that economically it would be a mistake. It should be interesting to see what happens.

      • definitely, I can see they will struggle and some of their public services may suffer as a result.
        I’m also very interested in seeing how things will turn out.

  4. Thank you for this post, Stepen. Yet another common ancestor, it seems…Robert I Bruce (1274 – 1329) was my 21st great grandfather, as well, through his daughter, Marjorie Bruce (1296 – 1316).

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