News about my family history book

Recently I have discovered an incredible story regarding the last days of my great grand Uncle ‘John George Woods’, who’s life I am currently researching and writing about and his story due to be published.

I don’t want to talk to much about this new element of his story, due to publishing reasons, but it involves one of John’s comrades and one of the most courageous acts anyone could ever do, Ultimately sacrificing yourself to protect others. I stumbled upon this story by accident whilst searching through obituaries and the Roll of honour. 

The story is very touching and it’s such a shame that the part he played on this fateful day seems forgotten about.

I also received good news from Find My Past, who have kindly given me permission to publish newspaper extracts, of which they hold in their archives. They were easy to contact, extremely helpful and even wished me good luck on this project.

I have been a full paying member of Find my Past for sometime now and I certainly appreciated their help, it shows they value your membership. I was expecting to be charged for the use of these records, but I am free to use them at no cost as long as I acknowledge their name under each article, which I more then happy to do.

Still lots to do, and slowly getting there.


6 thoughts on “News about my family history book

  1. Great news on your last-minute find! Don’t you wonder if that was held back by Uncle himself, so you could write his earlier story without having your own “spoiler alert”? Also, nice to hear something friendly about a subscription service for a change. So often it’s all negative and news of their greed!

    • Thank you, sadly my Uncle died during World War One, that act of courage by his comrade was futile (which makes it even sadder really) These were inexperienced soldiers and most of them were coal miners.
      He was shot in the heart whilst protecting his battalion, he used himself as a human shield. only for most of the men he saved to die a few hours later.

    • Hi Amy,
      I plan to publish in both print and E-Book.
      The printed version will be of limited run (I am self-funded) and distributed to important archive centers in England and with family members.
      The E-book will be available so to reach a larger audience. Any profit I might make will help fund further research costs and further books (plus donate a percentage, but this I need to look into further and contact the relevant charity)
      I have two options with printing, take my book to a professional printer or use one of the many sites now available aimed at self-publishing.
      I might decide to use
      I have never used them before, but they can designate ISBN numbers, which would usually cost on it’s own if bought separably £130 in batches of 10.
      they are also partnered with Amazon (in someway) and can automatically list your e-book with them. Using Blurb will allow to publish in both print and digitally.

      this book I published many years ago for charity and raised £5000 for Tsunami Earthquake fund in 2004

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