Writing and Publishing your Family History

One of my biggest goals in researching my family history is to eventually see some of my hard work in print. This way I can hopefully help preserve some of my heritage and just as importantly share this information with other family members.

Recently I have been working on a first draft of a biography/book regarding the life of my Great Grand Uncle who was a private in the 1st/6th Durham Light Infantry, he died during the second Battle of Ypres on the 26th April 1915. 

his life has always interested me, and so does the historical events surrounding World War One. I am certainly not an expert on the subject, but the topic interests me enough to want to make his life my first goal in publishing my family history.

for this reason I haven’t been very committed to my blog because all my recent spare time has been devoted to this book.

Progress has been a little slow though, mainly due to parenting a toddler who keeps me very, very busy. (sitting down for five minutes is a luxury). For those of you who don’t know, I am legal guardian of my niece who has lived with my partner and I since she was 5 weeks old (long story). We don’t have any children of our own and our lives are very committed to her. She is very beautiful and such a character.

I work part time now, my partner full time and I stay at home to take care of the home duties. Usually I get a few hours in the evening to sit down, research and work.

until now and my publication day, I will use my blog as a way of showcasing how things are developing. It’s going to be a short biography with lots of facts and records surrounding both his life and some of the important people in his family. Plus just as importantly the life of his regiment, his comrades and the events leading up to the day he died.

I will leave no stone unturned, I am approaching this subject carefully and hopefully in doing so bring his story to life.


10 thoughts on “Writing and Publishing your Family History

  1. I hope the book turns out better than you had hoped for. I know it is hard work ( I have been avoiding it for some time) but it seems you have your priorities in the right order. Best of luck to you.

    • Thankyou, I hope it turns out well too. It’s a small challenge as I’m only writing about one person, but it’s a good stepping stone to take, and balancing this with my little one certainly keeps me busy.

  2. Good luck with your book. I will be reading along because at some point I also want to turn some of my research into a book. And although my children are now grown, I always have believed it putting family first—especially those who are still here with us! 🙂

    • Thank you Amy, I have published before, for charity so it’s not a completely new avenue. But I will post all about my obstacles and my little journey. Plus your right about putting family first, and my little one and this book will both keep me busy.

  3. How do you feel about posting your personal family tree info ina blog? Do you worry about crazy people getting your info? I’m being paranoid I know, and you’re the 3rd genealogist I’ve asked in WordPress by the way.

    • Hi Lorraine, thank you very much for your question.
      I am happy to write and post information about myself or an ancestor who has passed away.
      The way I try to look on things is that, no one owns history, it belongs to everybody and should be shared.
      At the same time we are remembering and helping to preserve the name of someone who once lived. To me that is extremely important, it is difficult to show love and respect to someone who’s memory is stored away in a shoe box at the bottom of my cupboard. Only to find a later descendant selling his memory on ebay for less then a days wages in many years to come. That is true disrespect.
      I don’t think there is any risk of anyone using the information from someone who has passed away for their own gain. I understand there are a lot of crooks our there but if they want to use info relating (for instance) to my nan who died when she was 79, and pass them selves of as an old lady to commit a crime, then that just very sad in deed. It won’t effect me or any living people in anyway and I am sure my Nan would find the funny side.
      Don’t let bad people rule your life and prevent you from remembering someone you love, or would have loved if you had known them. Remember them how you feel happiest. A life lived, is full of strife and woes, and a life lived deserves more then a shoe box x sending lots of love Lorraine.

      • Thank you for your thoughts on posting in a blog. Although I still in the same small town m ancestors did. Perhaps I will get brave and even post the newspaper clippings about the attempted elopement of my grandmother and how she was forced to marry my grandfather.

      • Sounds like an incredible story, and living in a small town where I guess most people know you, can be a little daunting especially when writing about something they may not know. Or perhaps have forgotten, if it’s a local story.
        Every small town has a local historian, so publishing things past is very common. Include a few things in your blog like the story of your town and any of its old famous stories. I’m sure then if it was stumbled upon by someone local they would appreciate the history your helping to preserve.

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