Podcast 13: Gas Attack At Ypres | First World War Centenary


I recently found this incredible Podcast regarding the gas attack on Ypres Salient which began on the 22nd April 1915, these podcasts are the actual voices of the men who witnessed and survived World War One.

Podcast 13 has a personal connection for me as my great grand uncle John George Woods a private in the Durham Light Infantry died as a result of these attacks on the 26th April.

Edgar Huggins of the Durham Light Infantry described the impact the battle had on his battalion. (as heard in the podcast)

Well I don’t know if there was a lot of gas I mean, I lived through it but there’s a lot I’ve seen that either didn’t live or they got felled by it. Because after we’d been in there five days we got relieved and when we got back to brigade headquarters the other side of Ypres, there was only 200 of us answered roll call.

I’m one of them that answered roll call. I can’t tell you what happened, because I mean we were full strength – there was a body of a lot of men you know. I wouldn’t like to estimate but about six or seven hundred men was lost, either gassed or fell. I don’t know if a lot of them was killed, I couldn’t say.

To hear the podcast and many more please use the link above.


4 thoughts on “Podcast 13: Gas Attack At Ypres | First World War Centenary

    • Awful times, and using poison gas is unnecessarily cruel. I am planning a visit to Menin Gate in April to pay my respects on the 100th Anniversary of his death.

      • Best wishes on your pilgrimage, while in Vietnam I had the amazing fortune to find a distant uncles grave, what were the chances of finding that particular grave in that particular cemetery merely perchance of stopping to pay my respects

      • That’s a pretty amazing find, you were meant to be there and I wonder if you were the first family member to pay your respects by his graveside.

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