The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Draper of Hasselbeare, Somerset (1525 – 1582)

Wills, Administrations and Inventories
of The Mintern Family
of Hook, Chedington and Batcombe, Dorset

Thomas Draper was a son of Hugh Draper and was a gentleman of Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset, he is my 13th great grand uncle and a Kinsman of the Mintern Family of Batcombe, Dorset.

Document Description: Will of Thomas Draper of Hasselbeare, Somerset

Will dated:
Will proved: 7-December-1582

Archive: The National Archives of the UK (TNA), Kew,
incorporating the Public Record Office (PRO)
and the Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC).

Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC)
– Will Registers

Archive Catalogue Ref. PROB 11/64/550

PCC Register: register name: Tirwhite
folio: 372 (1 page)

Transcribed July 2014 by: Transcription Services Ltd

(I would like to thank Transcription Services Ltd, for the transcription of this document and it’s final presentation)

The Mintern manuscripts is out of copyright, but the compilation, the annotation and the textual, editorial, and introductory matter are the copyright of the editors, whose work should be acknowledged in any quotation or reproduction of this work.

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[folio] 372
T[estamentum] Thom[a]e

1. In the name of God amen : The xxiiijth [24th] daie of Marche Anno
2. Domini one Thowsande fyve hundrethe eightie two ./ I Thomas Drap[er] of Hasselbeare [Haselbury] beinge
3. of perfecte mynde and memorie, doe make my laste will and testamente in manner and forme
4. followinge. Firste I gyve and bequeathe my sowle to Allmightie god, and my bodye to bee
5. buried in the Chauncell of Hasselbere Churche . Item I give unto my parrishe Churche of
6. Hasselbeare tenne shillinges. Item I give and bequeathe unto my sonne Humfrey Drap[er] my
7. silver Salte p[ar]cell guilte1 after the deathe or marriage of his said Mother Johan[e] Drap[er] . Item
8. I give and bequeathe unto my sonne Hughe Drap[er] my parte and portion of park after the death
9. or marriage of his saide Mother Johane Drap[er] . Item I give and bequeathe unto my saide sonne
10. Henrye Drap[er] my Leaze of the Prebend2 of Hasselbeare after the deathe or marriage of my said
11. wief his mother . Item I doe give and bequeathe unto my Daughter Catherine Drap[er] Tenne
12. poundes . Item I doe give and bequeathe unto my daughter Mary Tenne pound[es] . Item I doe
13. give and bequeathe unto my daughter Elizabeth Twentye Mark[es]3 . Item to my daughter Clare
14. Tenne poundes . And yf any of theme happen to dye before marriage, then the good[es] to be
15. devided amonge the reste of the Sisters lyvinge . The reste of all my good[es] I doe gyve and
16. bequeathe unto Johane my wief whome I doe make my whole and sole executrixe to see my
17. debtes paide and my Legacies p[er]fourmed . And to this my laste Will and testamente have
18. appointed my trustie and welbeloved frendes Mr Henrye Waldrone esquier, My Cossen John

1 parcel gilt – silver partly gilded, usually on the inner surface of a cup, bowl etc.
2 prebend – a stipend allotted from the revenues of a cathedral or a collegiate church to a canon or member of the chapter. – the land yielding such a stipend.
3 mark – A measure of account accepted throughout western Europe as equivalent to 8 oz. of silver (no coins known as Marks ever circulated in England). In England a mark was two-thirds of a pound or 13s. 4d. or 66.66 pence.

19. Drap[er] and William Ferrer my Overseers of this my will and testamente . Written withe my
20. owne hande the daye and yeare above written, and have sette my seale ./ p[er] me Thomam Drap[er] ./

21. Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum apud London . coram ven[er]abili viro
22. mag[ist]ro Will[el]mo Drury Legum d[octore Curiae Prerogative] Cantuarien[sis] Commissario etc.
23. Septimo die mens[i]s Decembris Anno Domini mill[es]imo quingentesimo octogesimo secundo [7-December-1582] . Jurame[n]to
24. Francisci Clerk notarij publici procuratoris Joanne relicte et executricis etc. Cui commissa fuit
25. administracio etc. De bene etc. Jurat ./


The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Draper of Hasselbeare, Somerset Proved; 7 December 1582

The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Draper of Hasselbeare, Somerset
Proved; 7 December 1582


9 thoughts on “The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Draper of Hasselbeare, Somerset (1525 – 1582)

  1. How were you able to find these documents? My husband has ancestors from Devonshire, England. The tree dates back to the 1500’s-1600’s in England and then in the late 1600’s they emigrated to Windsor, Connecticut. One day (far in the future) when I complete my personal family research, I would like to continue with his family.

    • Hi, are you related to the Draper family or Mintern family.
      I found these documents on the National archives and then transcribed them (with help) I have been concentrating on these branches for many months and still have a long way to go before I am happy to move on with other branches. If you are related to these families I have lots more information.
      Kindest regards

      • I’m not related but the time period connecting with England is interesting. My husband’s family from England were the Drake family of Devonshire and the Marshall’s of Lincolnshire.

      • Wow!
        I too descend from the Marshalls of Lincolnshire 🙂
        and I descend from the Drakes of Dorset (but have reached a dead end)

      • Interesting! I have a manuscript that someone sent me years ago about the Marshall’s. If you would like I can see if you and my husband have a shared direct ancestor. If so, I would be happy to share the information.

      • That would be lovely, there are a few branches of Marshall in Lincolnshire, but who knows we may still share an ancestor. I descend from Martin Marshall, born about 1530, his son Henricus Marshall was born about 1566 in great Sturton and his son was Hamlet Marshall of Sotby, Lincolnshire.

      • I have William Marshall b. 1563 in Alford, Lincolnshire => Thomas Marshall b. 1587 Alford, Lincolnshire => Capt Samuel Marshall b. 1630 Alford, Lincolnshire. He went to Windsor, Connecticut and had Thomas in 1663. Eventually in this line is Rev Daniel Marshall b. 1705 who brought Baptism to Georgia.

      • Alford and Great Sturton, Lincolnshire are about 18 miles from each other. I think it’s likely that our link (common ancestor) exists much earlier then the 1500’s, which is a shame.
        Most Marshall’s ‘I am sure’ descend from ‘William Marshall who died in 1219. (I have visited his effigy, it’s very humbling)
        What we need is a good collection of wills for the Marshall’s of Lincolnshire dated from the 1400’s – 1500’s to build a good picture and to join up all those Marshall branches.
        A big thank though abt the document (if we shared an ancestor) the thought was kind enough 🙂 maybe with more research our branches will one day connect.

      • I also see a William Marshall in the document but there isn’t an established connection to the Marshall family of Alford.
        William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke was Sheriff of Lincolnshire from 1189-1205. Perhaps this is the same William you are referring to.
        I don’t think there is any way to prove that my husband’s Marshall’s are related to him. Maybe one day : ).

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