Hannah Mintern of Hooke, Dorset (1774 – 1806)

My relationship to Hannah Mintern

Hannah MINTERN (1774 – 1806)
is my 5th great grandmother

Jane BEST (1793 – 1870)
daughter of Hannah MINTERN and my 4th great grandmother

Emma GALE (1829 – 1871)
daughter of Jane BEST and my 3rd great grandmother

Charlotte Anna DISKETT (1866 – 1935)
daughter of Emma GALE and my 2nd great grandmother

Hannah Maud Mabel BARRITT (1890 – 1957)
daughter of Charlotte Anna DISKETT and my great grandmother

Rosie May JANES (1930 – 1997)
daughter of Hannah Maud Mabel BARRITT and my grandmother

Born about October/November 1774 in Hooke, Dorset, England and dying at the age of just 31 years Hannah sadly lived a very short life, she was the middle child of a wealthy land owning family with historical links to the Royal Courts of Tudor England and a family associated with some of Dorset’s darkest folk tales.

Hannah was the daughter of Henry and Mary Mintern, she was one of nine children and had three sisters, five brothers, she was baptized in the parish church of St Giles, Hooke, Dorset on the 13th November 1774.

Hooke: St Giles, Hooke

Hooke: St Giles, Hooke

Hooke is a small village and civil parish in the county of Dorset in southern England, situated about 7 miles (11 km) northeast of the town of Bridport. It is sited in the valley of the short River Hooke, a tributary of the River Frome, amongst the chalk hills of the Dorset Downs.

I descend from the Mintern family through my late grandmother Rosie May Janes who is a maternal descendant of Hannah’s; both my grandmother and father carry her mtDNA.

Hannah married in 1792 at the age of 18 to Robert Best in the parish church of St Giles, Hooke. He was born April 1766 in Powerstock, Dorset and was the only son of John Best and Jane Darby. His father died when he was only a year old and his mother Jane now a widow probably re-married because she’s one of those mysterious ancestors that seem to just disappear from the records.

Robert and Hannah had six children between the dates 1792 and 1805, their eldest was Jane Best (my 4th great grandmother) who was born about January 1793, and baptized on the 29th of that month in St Giles. She married Richard Gale an Agricultural labourer on the 20th August 1817 in St Mary the Virgin, Powerstock and had nine children, the name Gale spelt ‘Galle’ can be found in the visitations of Dorset.

Robert and Hannah moved from Hooke sometime between 1793 and early 1799 to Powerstock the parish of Robert’s birth. Their second child Samuel was born here in March 1799 and baptized on the 31st of that month in the parish church of St Mary the Virgin.
Four more children followed including Abel baptized on Christmas Day 1800, he died when he was about three – four weeks old and his burial is recorded on the 18th January 1801. They named their fourth child also Abel, baptized on 31 January 1802, then there was Henry baptized on the 16th December 1804 and lastly Martha baptized on the 26th January 1806. Martha and Jane Best are the only children of Robert and Hannah’s that I know anything about.

Martha married Robert Vallens an agricultural labourer on the 21st June 1824 in the Parish of Longbredy, Dorset, between them they had seven children and Martha’s death is recorded in 1853.

Hannah Best (nee; Mintern) died very young she was only 31 years old and her burial is recorded on the 21st September 1806 in the parish church of St Mary the Virgin, Powerstock. Often premature deaths for women are associated with child birth, I am not sure if this is the case for Hannah because her last child was born nine months previously, unless sickly and weak she was able to hold on for many months afterwards.

Hannah died before all her siblings who outlived her by a good 40 – 60 years, her father Henry Mintern died on 16th July 1812 and her mother 7th July 1831.
Hannah’s husband Robert is mentioned in her father’s will dated 24 August 1813 “First I bequeth unto my son-in-law Robert Best, the sum of one shilling”.


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