The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Minterne of Chiselborough, Somerset

Wills, Administrations and Inventories
of The Mintern Family
of Hook, Chedington and Batcombe, Dorset

The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Minterne of Chiselborough, Somerset
(1551 – 1624)


Document Description: Will of Thomas Minterne of Chiselborough, Somerset

Will dated: 20-January-1624/5
Will proved: 14-February-1624/5

Archive: The National Archives of the UK (TNA), Kew,
incorporating the Public Record Office (PRO)
and the Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC).

Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC)
– Will Registers

Archive Catalogue Ref. PROB 11/145/245

PCC Register: register name: Clarke
quire nos: 1-63
folio: 108 (1 page)

Transcribed June 2014 by: Stephen Dawe-Kuta
Transcribed June 2014 by: Transcription Services Ltd

(I would like to thank Transcription Services Ltd, for their help with completing the transcription of this document and it’s final presentation)

The Mintern manuscripts is out of copyright, but the compilation, the annotation and the textual, editorial, and introductory matter are the copyright of the editors, whose work should be acknowledged in any quotation or reproduction of this work.
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[folio] 108
T[estamentum] Thomæ


1. Memorand[um] That on:
2. or aboute the twentith daye of January Anno D[omi]ni (stilo Anglie) 1624. Thomas
3. Minterne of Chisselborough in the County of Som[er]s[et] being of perfect minde and
4. memory did declare his Last will and testament nuncupative in manner and forme
5. following, or to the like effect, viz[it] [that is to say] hee gave to his cozen John Minterne of London
6. the sonne of Henry Minterne his chamblett suite To his godsonne William Minterne
7. his guilte salte And to the mother of the said William his best dyaper table cloth
8. To his wife hee gave all such howsholdstuffe as hee had with her. To his godsonne
9. Henry Minterne his best blacke cloake, To his brother Henry Minterne his best mariage ^ wearinge
10. cloake. To his cozen John Minterne of Yetminster in the Countie of Dorsett his best
11. saddle to his servant Elizabeth Plenty one brasse pott, one skillet of the biggest, two
12. payre of sheetes, and one payre of Canvas sheetes. To Morgan Lodge one pott, one
13. skillet and one payre of sheetes. To the poore of Chisselboroughe hee gave five pound[es]
14. which the parson of Chisselboroughe owed him. To his god sonne Thomas Baredge
15. ijs vjd [2s 6d] To Henry Gerrard his servante xxs [20s]. and a suite of apparell And he apointed
16. his cozens John Minterne of Yetminster and Henry Minterne brother of the said John
17. his executors, and his brothers John Minterne and Henry Minterne his overseers. In
18. the presence and hearing of Timothie Arden Morgan Lodge and Elizabeth Plenty /

19. Probatum fuit testamentum suprascriptum apud London
20. coram ven[erabi]li[s] viro Mag[ist]ro Edmundo Pope Legum Doctore Surrogat[o] venerabilis
21. viri D[om]in[i] Henrici Martem Militis Legum etiam d[o]ctoris Cur[iæ] Prerogativ[a]e Cant[uariensis]
22. Mag[ist]ri Custodis sive Commissarij L[egi]time constitutj, decimo quarto die mensis Februarij
23. Anno D[omi]ni iuxta cursum et computac[i]onem eccl[es]ie Anglicane Mill[es]imo

1 – nuncupative will – an oral will declared or dictated by the testator in his last sickness before a sufficient number of witnesses and afterwards put in writing
2 – chamblett – fine cloth, made in the 16th and 17th centuries from the long hair of the angora goat.
3 – dyaper / diaper – linen fabric with pattern formed by the different directions of the threads, typically of lines crossing diamondwise, the spaces filled in with other small patterns. Not woven in England in quantity before the Flemings introduced it in the late 16th century.

24. vicesimo quarto [14 February 1624] Juramento Henrici Minterne unius ex[ecutores] in eodem testam[en]to nominat[o]
25. Cui commissa fuit administrac[i]o om[niu]m et singuloru[m] bonoru[m] iuriu[m] et creditoru[m] d[i]c[t]i defunct[i]
26. De bene et fidelit[er] administrando eadem. Ad sancta dei evangel[ia] iurat: Res[er]vata p[otes]tate
27. [con]si[mi]lem Commiss[ionem] faciend Johanni Minterne alterius ex[ecutorus] in hui[usm]o[d]i testamento no[m]i[n]at[i]
28. cum veneri[n]t ea[nde]m petitur[i] in debita iuris forma admissur[i]. ex[aminatu]r

The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Minterne - Probate - 14 February 1624

The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Minterne – Probate – 14 February 1624


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