The Last Will and Testament of Paul Minterne after 1600 – 1690

Wills, Administrations and Inventories
of The Mintern Family
of Hook, Chedington and Batcombe, Dorset


I have been researching the Mintern Family now for a good few months and I have been fortunate enough to have undergone this research alongside another genealogist. It’s been an incredible journey because this branch of my tree relate to some prominent people; either by blood, marriage or simply within their circle of acquaintances and friends or indeed the odd enemy (Sir Thomas Cromwell) is one such person . I still have a long way to go and researching this branch of my tree has been far from easy. Trudy (my fellow genealogist/distant cousin from across the pond) have pieced together (and still gluing) a tree with hardly any help from the Parish Records, we simply had none. They were destroyed in a fire in the early 1700’s, so we have used Wills, Administrations, Clergy Records, Visitations, Land Records, Published Sermons, Oxford/Cambridge university records, Royal Archives, forgotten books, Civil War Court records and much more. As a result I/We have ended up with a very full and richly sourced family tree with more records attached then other branch of my tree that exists before the census years.

I plan to write an in depth post about this journey and indeed about the Mintern family, but before that happens I wanted to thank Trudy Norbury, who has been working on this tree alongside of me. Trudy, you have been an inspiration and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you, very, very much.


This following Will belongs to my 10th great grand Uncle Paul Minterne, it was a difficult Will to transcribe so I appreciate the help I received from Transcription Services Ltd to complete the job. The Will is also a difficult read and very much a mouth full. But at least it’s another Will completed and ticked of my box (there are many more to go).

The Last Will and Testament of Paul Minterne
after 1600 – 1690

Document Description: Will of Paul Minterne

Will dated: 12-September-1689

Archive: unknown

Archive Catalogue Ref. unknown

Transcribed June 2014 by: Stephen Dawe-Kuta
Transcribed June 2014 by: Transcription Services Ltd

(I would like to thank Transcription Services Ltd, for their help with completing the transcription of this document and it’s final presentation)

The Mintern manuscripts is out of copyright, but the compilation, the annotation and the textual, editorial, and introductory matter are the copyright of the editors, whose work should be acknowledged in any quotation or reproduction of this work.

o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o – o

1. In the name of [God] Amen I Paul Minterne of Ho[oke] in the County of Dorsett
Gent[leman] being of P[er]fect Sence and Memory and fully minded and

2. resolved to Settle and dis[pose o]f such Estate P[er]sonall and reall as it [ha]th pleased Allmighty God to Conferr upon me Do in order thereunto make and

3. Ordeyne this my last Will [and T]estament in Writeing in manner and forme following Imprimis [Firstly] I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth

4. Goodwin All my Chattle Le[ase] Scituate in Hook and All my Estate Term and Interest therein together with my Lease thereof Item I give un[to] my

5. Son in Law Thomas Bar[n]es one Shilling lawfull English money Item I give to my Daughter
Judith the wife of the said Thomas Barnes the

6. Sum[m]e of one Shilling also like lawfull money Item I make Constitu[te] and appointe my
Loveing Friends Obadiah Chorne of Hooke aforesaid

7. Clerke Thomas Farr of [Bea]minster in the County afores[aid] Cordw[aine]r and Arthur
Sym[m]es of Beaminster af[ore]said Yeoman Executors of this my

8. Last Will and Testament and [Le]ive unto them All such Goods Chattles P[ersona]ll Debts and Credditts whatsoev[er] & [whe]resoev[er] whereof or wherein I shall dy

9. [poss]essed or interessed Upon this Trust that they my Said Executor[s or] the Survivors or Survivor of them or [th]e Executors Admin[istrators] & assignes of

10. the Survivor of them Shall Se[ll] and Dispose of all my Houshold Goods [Ca]ttle Corne and all other Chattles P[er]sona[ll] whatsoev[er] and the money ariseing of

11. Such Sale together with all Su[ch] money as I Shall be possessed of or inte[res]sed in at the time of my death Shall in t[he] first place be disposed of tow[ar]ds the

12. payment of my Debts F[uner]all expences and Legacies hereinbefo[re g]iven to the said Thomas Barnes a[nd J]udith his wife or So much the[reof a]s

13. Such Debts Funerall exp[enc]es and Legacies as are last ment[i]on[ed wi]ll amount unto And if after that th[er]e Shall be any overplus Then Such

14. overplus Shall as Soone after as Conveniently may be be put [an]d Lett out Upon Security or Security’s for the Same at Interest and the Security

15. or Securitys for the Same or So much thereof as Shall be So put and [Lett ou]t Shall be taken in the names or name and from time to time Shall be

16. taken and renewed in the names or name of my S[aid] Executors & T[ruste]es or of the Survivors or Survivor of them or of the Executo[rs] Admin[istrat]o[rs] or

17. assignes of Such Survivor for and dureing all the then after Lifetime of the said Judith and all and ev[er]y Sum[m]e and Sum[m]es of money that Shall be

18. made raised or received out of or for the Interest thereof or of any P[ar]te thereof at any time or times dureing all the Said then after Life time of

19. the Said Judith Shall be had taken and rec[eive]d In Trust for and to and for the Sole Separate and distinct use benefitt and behoofe of the Said

20. Judith and to and for no other use end intent or purpose whatsoev[er] It being my will and desire that the said Thomas Barnes and his assignes

21. or any of them Shall not all or in any wise intermeddle or have to do therewith and that the receipt of the s[aid] Judith (whether Sole or Marryed as if

22. Sole and unmarryed) or her Order Shall be a good discharge to my Said Executors and Trustees and ev[er]y of them their and ev[ery] of their Executo[rs]

23. Admin[istrat]o[rs] and assignes and ev[er]y of them against the Said Thomas Barnes his
Executors Admin[istrat]o[rs] and assignes for So much of the Said

24. Interest as the s[aid] Judith or her Order Shall receive and my Will also is that all Such Security or Security’s Shall menc[i]on or relate unto Such

25. Trust And from and after the decease of the said Judith and from and after my Said Funerall Expences Debts and Legacies Shall or

26. may be paid or discharged Then my will and meaneing is that all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Such
overplus and Such

27. of the Said Interest for the Same as Shall be then behind and unpaid Shall be paid and deliv[er]ed over or well and truly accounted for to

28. Mary Barnes the now Daughter of the Said Judith or her assignes if the Said Mary Barnes Shall be then Liveing or if the Said Mary

29. Barnes Shall be then dead then Shall be paid and deliv[er]ed over or well and truly accounted for to Such P[er]son or P[er]sons as the Said Mary

30. Barnes by any writeing in her Life time under her hand and Seale attested by three or more Credible Witnesses or by her Last

31. Will and Testament in writeing attested as afores[aid] devise give Nominate direct or appointe the same or any P[ar]te thereof And In

32. Default of such devise Gift Nominat[i]on Direcc[i]on or appointment and She Shall be then Dead as aforesaid then the Same Shall be paid

33. and deliv[er]ed over or well and truly accounted for to the Executors Admin[istrat]o[rs] assignes of the Said Mary Barnes Provided non[e]theless

34. and my Will is that my Said Executors and the Survivors and Survivor of them and the Executors Admin[istrat]o[rs] and assignes of Such

35. Survivor Shall before they Shall be accountable to any P[er]son or P[er]sons for or concerning the Said Trust fully reimburse themselves

36. and ev[er]y of them all such Costs Charges and expences as they Shall respectively necessarily lay out and expend or be put unto for

37. or about the Execuc[i]on of the S[aid] Trust or in any wise in reference there unto any thing hereinbefore conteyned to the Contrary in any

38. wise notwithstanding Item I do hereby revoke Countermand Disannull and make voide all former and other Wills by me heretofore

39. made ratifieing and Confirmeing these P[re]sents for and to Containe my only Last Will and Testament In witness whereof

40. I the said Paul Minterne have hereunto Sett my hand and Seale the Twelveth day of September in the first yeare of the Reigne

41. of our Sov[er]aigne Lord and Lady William and Mary now King and Queene of England &c Annoq[ue] D[omin]ni 1689

42. [signed] Paull Mynter^ne

43. M[emorandum] that one blott or [e]rasure was hereinabove made before

44. [t]he Signeing hereof & afterwards the above written pap[er] was

45. Signes Sealed & Published by th[e a]bove named Paull Minterne

46. for & to conteyne his only la[st] will & testam[ent] in the p[re]sence of

47. James Dunni[ng]
48. John Godge
49. Silas Squids

The Last Will and Testament of Paul Minterne Will dated: 12-September-1689

The Last Will and Testament of Paul Minterne
Will dated: 12-September-1689


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