The Loseley Manuscripts – A letter from Queen Jane to Sir William More & others

My connection to the More-Molyneux family

I relate to the More-Molyneux family through the marriage of my 13th great grand uncle Sir John ‘of Pirford’ Wolley to Elizabeth More, lady in waiting and a favorite of Elizabeth I who often referred to her as ‘my sweet apple’.
The More-Molyneux family estate was Loseley Park situated outside of Guildford, Surrey.
The family became very influential during the Tudor and Stuart periods and married well.
Their family papers ‘the Loseley manuscripts’ are recognized today as important sources into this turbulent period.

Sir William MORE (1520 – 1600)
father-in-law of 13th great grand uncle

Elizabeth “Lady in Waiting” MORE (1552 – 1600)
daughter of Sir William MORE and my 13th great grand aunt by marriage

Sir John ‘of Pirford’ WOLLEY (1541 – 1596)
husband of Elizabeth “Lady in Waiting” MORE and my 13th great grand uncle

John ‘of Leigh’ WOLLEY (1480 – )
father of Sir John ‘of Pirford’ WOLLEY and my 14th great grandfather

Margaret WOLLEY (1518 – )
daughter of John ‘of Leigh’ WOLLEY and my 13th great grandmother

Henry ‘of Hooke’ MINTERNE (1546 – 1593)
son of Margaret WOLLEY and my 12th great grandfather

Henry ‘the Farmer of Hooke Manor’ MINTERNE (1570 – 1651)
son of Henry ‘of Hooke’ MINTERNE and my 11th great grandfather

Henry ‘the Younger of Hooke’ MINTERNE (1610 – )
son of Henry ‘the Farmer of Hooke Manor’ MINTERNE and my 10th great grandfather

Henry ‘Rector of Chedington’ MINTERN (1660 – 1723)
son of Henry ‘the Younger of Hooke’ MINTERNE and my 9th great grandfather

Samuel MINTERN (1695 – 1746)
son of Henry ‘Rector of Chedington’ MINTERN and my 8th great grandfather

Samuel MINTERN (1717 – )
son of Samuel MINTERN and my 7th great grandfather

Henry MINTERN (1737 – 1812)
son of Samuel MINTERN and my 6th great grandfather

Hannah MINTERN (1774 – 1806)
daughter of Henry MINTERN and my 5th great grandmother

Jane BEST (1792 – 1870)
daughter of Hannah MINTERN and my 4th great grandmother

Emma GALE (1829 – 1871)
daughter of Jane BEST and my 3rd great grandmother

Charlotte Anna DISKETT (1866 – 1935)
daughter of Emma GALE and my 2nd great grandmother

Hannah Maud Mabel BARRITT (1890 – 1957)
daughter of Charlotte Anna DISKETT and my great grandmother

Rosie May JANES (1930 – 1997)
daughter of Hannah Maud Mabel BARRITT and my grandmother

The Loseley Manuscripts

The Loseley Manuscripts, the archive of the More-Molyneux family of Loseley Park near Guildford, have long been celebrated for the brilliant light they shed on the experiences of a leading Surrey family during the turmoil and splendour of the Tudor and Stuart Ages.

One letter in particular I found extremely interesting was written by Lady Jane Grey’ during her nine days as Queen and written on 16th July 1553 (6 days into her reign). Her story interests me a great deal and the painting ‘The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, by the French painter Paul Delaroche, which hangs in the National Gallery London is by far my favorite historical artwork.

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, by the French painter Paul Delaroche, 1833

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, by the French painter Paul Delaroche, 1833

This letter is addressed to the Gentlemen of Surrey and Sir William More father’ to my 13th great grand aunt (by marriage) received a copy. He did not act upon it and stayed clear of the situation, His daughter Elizabeth More was only a year old.

Official letter of Lady Jane Grey signing herself as "Jane the Quene"

Official letter of Lady Jane Grey signing herself as “Jane the Quene”

Jane the Queen, under her signet and sign manual to the Sheriff, the Justices, and the Gentlemen of Surrey, exhorts them to be stedfast in their obedience to the Imperial Crown, not with standing the slanderous reports published by the Lady Mary and her adherents, derogatory to her (the Queen’s) title and dignity royal.

By the Quene.

Trustie and wel beloved, we grete you well.
Albeit that o* estate in this imperiall Crowne, whereof we be actually and really possessed, as
p’tely may appere by o’ proclamac’on, wherin our tytle is published, is not ne can be any wise doubtfull to all such our good and faithfull subjectes, as, setting blynd affection apart, do in reason and
wysdome considre the very foundacon and grounde of o’ tytle, w* the grete comodities therby coming
thorough God’s providence to the preservacon of o’comon weale and polycie, yet for that we understande the Ladye Marye dothe not cease by 1’res in hir name, provoked therto by hir adherents enemyes of this realme, to publishe and notifie sklaunderously to dyverse of o’ subjects, matter derogatory to our title and dignitie royall, withe the sklaundres of certen of o’ nobilitie and counsell.
We have thought mete to admonishe and exhorte you, as o’ true and faithfull subjects, to remayne fast in yo’ obeysaunce and duetie to the impiall Crowneof this realme, wherof we havejustely the possession, and not to be removed any wise from yo’ dutie by sklaunderous reportes, or of 1’res dispsed abrode, either by the said Lady Marye, or by hir adherents, for truely like as the nobilitie ofo’ realme, our Counsell, our prelates, our judges, and
lerned men, and others, good, wise, godly, and naturall subjects, do remayne fast and sureliein their allegiaunce towards us, redy to adventure their lieves, landes, and goodes, for o’ defence, so can a greate numbre of the same nobilitie, counsaile, and judges truely testiefye to all the worlde in savetye of their conscience, howe carefully and earnestly the late king of famous memorye, o’ dere cousen king Edwarde the sixt, from tyme to tyme motioned and provoked them ptely by pswasions, ptely commaundements, to have suche respect to his succession, if god shuld call him to his mercye w*out issue, as might be the preservacon of the crowne in the hole undefyled Englishe bloude.
And therfore of his owne mere mocon, both by graunt of his 1’res patents, and by declaracon of his will, established the successors as it is declared by o’ proclamacon And for the testimonye hereof, to the satisfaction of suche as shal conceyve any doubt herin, we understand that certen of o’ nobilitye have written to you at this present in some pte to admonishe you of yo’ duties, and to testiefie their knowledge of the truethe of o’tytle and right. Wherfore we leave to precede further therin being assured in the goodnes of god that yo’ harts shalbe confirmed to owe yo’ duetye to us yo’ Soveraigne Ladye, who meane to preserve this Crowne of Englande in the royall bloude, and out of the D’mon (dominion) of straungersand papists, w* the defence of all you o’ good subjects, yo’ lieves, landes, and goodes, in o’ peace, against the invasions and violences of all foreen or inward enemies and rebells. Geven undre o’ Signet at o’ Tower of London, the xvith day of July, in the first yere of our Raigne.

Indorsed, To our trustie and wel beloved the Shrief, Justices of Peas, and other gentilmen of our Countie of Surrey, and to every of them.

Jane the Queen


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