Simon Janes of Broomfield, Essex

Janes Family Coat of Arms
Janes Family Coat of Arms

My relationship to Simon Janes
Simon JANES (1698 – 1780)
is my 6th great grandfather

Jonathan James JANES (1739 – 1817)
son of Simon JANES and my 5th great grandfather

Simon JANES (1772 – 1855)
son of Jonathan James JANES and my 4th great grandfather

James Wood JANES (1813 – 1886)
son of Simon JANES and my 3rd great grandfather

William Wood JANES (1837 – 1906)
son of James Wood JANES and my 2nd great grandfather

Ernest James JANES (1888 – 1942)
son of William Wood JANES and my great grandfather

Rosie May JANES (1930 – 1997)
daughter of Ernest James JANES and my grandmother

Simon Janes (Jaynes/Jaines/Jeanes) was born in 1698 probably in the county of Essex where he married and his family were born. I have included all variations of his surname because they have all appeared in my research. I have never been able to find a baptism for Simon so where in Essex his family hail from I’m unsure.

I have a Last Will and testament for a William Janes – Sadler of Chelmsford who died in 1705 but this will makes no mention of Simon although it’s likely that he could be an uncle. Chelmsford is only a mile or two from Broomfield and it’s been for a long time a suburb of the city.

I grew up in Chelmsford, Essex and so I know Broomfield extremely well and the parish church is very beautiful, although for the earliest part of my life I never realised I had such a big connection to the Church and parish.

The church records are an interesting read, especially the story found within its pages about a baby discovered along the roadside in the 1700’s and taken in by the parish, she was named ‘Charity Broomfield’. I don’t have any connection to this baby but it’s a story I think about from time to time. I may even research her descendants (if there are any) and post something to the local newspapers about it.

There is an interesting link in Essex to an Abel Janes who was born about 1600, his son William Janes emigrated to the U.S.A in 1637, a detailed book was published about this family in 1868, New York entitled; ‘The Janes Family, A genealogy and brief history of the Descendants of William Janes the Emigrant ancestor of 1637’. This book can be viewed in full online –

The family are said to have helped establish the settlement ofJanesville, Wisconsin So to find a link between Simon Janes and Abel Janes would be very interesting.

Photo credit: 371 Productions

Photo credit: 371 Productions

The surname of ‘Janes’ is very rare in Essex before 1700 and I have only been able to identify a few parishes where the name appears before that date, sadly I may have to wait until more records are transcribed to enable me in finding Simon’s baptism. I am not too keen on the idea of looking through every Essex Parish register, I have undergone work like that times before and it’s time consuming and exhaustive. (Maybe when I run out of things to do or I can find a few other researchers willing to share this very big job).

Marriage and Issue

Simon was married twice although his first marriage to a Mary born in 1708 is still unknown and probably took place in the same parish they were born. They had one daughter’ Mary Janes who was baptized on the 7th April 1732 in Saint Mary’s, Broomfield. Her mother died through child birth and is recorded as being buried in the same parish on the 9 April 1732.

Simon married his second wife on the 18th October 1733 in Saint Mary’s his new spouse was Sarah Crow baptized on the 20 July 1707 in Saint Andrews Church, Boreham, Essex, she was daughter of William Crow and Mary Eleting.

Simon and Sarah had three children (i) Simon Janes baptized on the 10th November 1734 (ii) Jonathan James Janes baptized on the 27th May 1739 (my ancestor) and (iii) Ann Janes baptized on 28th March 1742 all of the parish of Saint Mary’s, Broomfield.

The family remained in Broomfield, Essex and Sarah Janes (nee; Crow) is recorded as being buried on the 26th January 1780 and Simon a year later and almost to the same day on the 25th January 1781.

I have created a page on WordPress showcasing 6 generations of Simon Janes’ descendants this is a branch of my tree very well researched and sourced in great detail.


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