My link to the Netherlands

The Old Rhine in Leiden

My relationship to Elizabeth Vans

Elizabeth VANS (1620 – )
is my 10th great grandmother

William BARRETT (1650 – )
son of Elizabeth VANS and my 9x great grandfather

William BARRETT (1682 – )
son of William BARRETT and my 8x great grandfather

William BARRETT (1702 – )
son of William BARRETT and my 7x great grandfather

William BARRETT (1726 – 1781)
son of William BARRETT and my 6x great grandfather

Thomas BARRETT (1769 – 1835)
son of William BARRETT and my 5x great grandfather

Henry BARRETT (1803 – 1864)
son of Thomas BARRETT and my 4x great grandfather

Thomas BARRETT (1823 – 1911)
son of Henry BARRETT and my 3rd great grandfather

Charles BARRITT (1861 – 1902)
son of Thomas BARRETT and my 2nd great grandfather

Hannah Maud Mabel BARRITT (1890 – 1957)
daughter of Charles BARRITT and my great grandmother

Rosie May JANES (1930 – 1997)
daughter of Hannah Maud Mabel BARRITT and my grandmother

Since beginning my family research all those years ago I never thought I would stumble on such a big mix of ethnicity, I knew I had Ukrainian and Polish ancestry through my father’ but never really imagined it would go much further.

I have since found links to Scotland, France, Italy and now the Netherlands, much further back in my ancestry I have links to every European country through the Royal houses of Europe but those links exist in my medieval ancestry.

My most recent discovery is the Netherlands’ and I am sure there is an interesting story here if I can achieve the results through a lot more hard work.

My 10x great grandmother was Elizabeth Vans born about 1620 and a native of Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, she resided in Edinburgh in the 1640’s, for which reason I have no idea and she went onto marry William Barrett of Colchester, Essex on the 25th March 1644 in Leiden.

Colchester has a big Dutch history and its historical town includes a Dutch quarter and church. I am guessing that William Barrett was probably a soldier which is why he was in both Edinburgh and the Netherlands, but sadly my Dutch history is pretty much zero.

Elizabeth Vans may have been the daughter of a merchant, but all of this is just speculation. Lots of questions but no answers, maybe a sneaky trip to Netherlands is on the cards.

If anyone knows any information about our Anglo-Scots-Dutch links I would love to hear from you.


10 thoughts on “My link to the Netherlands

    • I have never been to the Netherlands before, I have more of a reason to go now.
      thank you for taking the time to comment and read, much appreciated. Kindest Regards 🙂

  1. Amsterdam has great archives, and the archivists there are really helpful (though in my case they were unable to find anything, they really tried). Not to mention that it is an incredibly city with so much history, art, architecture, and good food!

    • Thank you, that gives me hope that I may find some information. I’m looking forward to planning a trip it may not be until next year but that gives me plenty of time to plan in everything I need to do.

  2. Oh how I wish I had some other ancestry other than English, Welsh and my rogue Irishman! Perhaps one day I’ll uncover some hidden foreigner!

    • I wish you luck in finding a link to some foreign ancestry, it’s very possible with the big arrival of European Huguenots in the 1500 – 1600’s. Although these links do complicate things and makes research much more difficult, but very interesting too.

  3. The Scots and English exported wool to the Netherlands to be spun and woven into cloth which was then sold back in the British Isles. There was evidently a good bit of back and forth among the merchants selling wool and buying cloth. There was also a more tolerant atmosphere for the Protestants in the Netherlands than in England, being one reason quite a few of the people who ended up on the Mayflower were in Holland before they finally left England for the New World. Both lines I’m working on have connections to the Netherlands.

    • Thank you for this information, it is much appreciated.
      I find this link in my tree very fascinating. Good luck with your own connections to the Netherlands.

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