William Plaskett, Chronometer Maker

William Plaskett
chronometer Maker to the Admiralty
1820 – 1912
4x great grandfather

I’m currently sitting on a train making my way to London’s Science Museum, home to the history of great inventions and science. I don’t have anyone in my family who were great scientists or inventors. although my 4x great grandfather William Plaskett patented an air tight container for his Chronometers in the 1860’s…
Does that count as a great invention?
I’m not sure, but William must have thought so.

Any family history bloggers who have inventors or scientists in their family, please comment because I would love to read your stories 🙂


A good and very complete Marine Chronometer by this respected 19th century maker.

The single fusee chain driven movement incorporating automatic stop work,and Harrison type maintaning power. with Earnshaw type spring detent escapement. Having blued steel helical balance spring with cut bi metalic balance and auxiliary compensation. With finely turned pillars and double click blued steel set up ratchet and wheel with damask finishing to the plates. The silvered engraved circular dial with seconds ring at VI with up and down state of wind dial below XII, signed W Plaskett Maker to the Admiralty London and numbered 5370, with polished gold hands, blued steel seconds hand with state of wind hand. Having brass gymbal mounted bowl with glazed and threaded bezel having silvered sight ring. The nicely patinated brass bound three tier rosewood case of very good colour, with original surface. This clock further benefits from its original padded traveling box with original leather strap and original ratchet winding key.

William Plaskett born 1820 died 1912 Recorded as working at 12A Hertford place, Globe Road, Mile End E 1859. And 12 Alderney Road  1865-1898. He patented an air tight chronometer case in 1860. He devised an Auxiliary compensation giving a uniform rate. Many fine pieces known by him . Chronometer numbers 5222,5329,5398 and 5456 are known to have been made pre 1874 which dates this clock around the same time.

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